Friday morning

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag of weather the morning was dull and damp but by the afternoon the sun was out and it got rather warm.  Sandy shared our meager lunch of a bambi burger in a bun and then we set off to look at the dog she is hoping to get.  He is a part trained black lab who belongs to the game keeper and his wife.  He was a really smashing dog but we were concerned that his hocks were not straight and this might be a problem in the making so the decision was made to have the vet examine him before the final decision is made after all there is no point in getting a dog with problems before you start.  If it turns out that he does have problems then it would be better to let him go as a pet rather than a working dog.  As we arrived the gamekeeper was on the phone to the police as a woman, who had already been warned, had loosed 5 dogs which had got into one of the pheasant pens and killed a load of birds.  The young birds represent the gamekeepers livelihood and cannot be replaced, it is not as if you can buy a box of young pheasants at the corner shop.  The dogs are not to blame as they were only doing what comes naturally particularly as they were all springer spaniels and that is what they do for a living.  Anyway my fingers are crossed for Sandy as the dog is really super and would be ideal for her.

Today I am expecting the arboriculturalists to come, around lunch time, to sort out my trees so yesterday morning in the damp dull weather I took some photos so you will see what I am dealing with. 

 Robinia pseudoacacia 

 Magnolia stellata rubra

 Apricot tree inside the chicken run

Once they have been I will take another set of photos so that you can see what has been done but I am not expecting them to look good until next year.

With the men due between 12 and 2pm and James leaving for work at around 12.30 lunch is going to be a problem so I have decided to do a nice big brunch fry up so that we are all fed and watered before the work starts.  As for supper I have no idea yet - I am still hoping someone will come up with some recipe for my turnips.  I wonder if they would slice thinly and then gratinate with loads of cheese and a crusty top of breadcrumbs.  Perhaps they would be OK made rather like dauphinoise potatoes with cream and garlic.  It seems a shame to put them in the compost for lack of any idea what to do with them.

Well time is marching on and I have a monumental pile of ironing to tackle, however I will be very pleased when it is all done and put away.  Then it will be on with making the brunch of bacon, sausage, egg, tomato, mushroom and probably a fried slice now how naughty is that!!!!!!

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