Friday Morning

We are at the end of another week, they really seem to be flashing by at a rate of knots.  However I seem to be stuck in a rut just keeping everything going.  Each day seems like deja vu a carbon copy of the previous day with minor alterations.  Yesterday I spent most of the morning in the kitchen dealing with a glut of courgettes.  One which was well on its way to being a marrow I chopped deseeded and saute with butter and pepper.  The smallest I sliced and cooked trifolati with garlic, oil and parsley and those in between were grated and made in to loads of pancakes.  I had thought that I would have pancakes to freeze but they were so popular that they have all been eaten.  I had defrosted a couple of ox cheeks which along with a can of Mackeson have made a lovely stew in the slow cooker.  

I am glad to say that Tubby has recovered very well and is bouncing around as if nothing has happened.  It never ceases to amaze me how well animals cope with surgery and what wimps we are by comparison.  Only hours after his operation he found the stairs a bit of a challenge and took them slowly but by yesterday he was racing up and down them at the usual 200 mph.

Today I am off to Faversham to do a bit of shopping and restock my coffee supplies, but best of all, I am meeting Sandy there for breakfast.  This is a really civilised way to do shopping no rushing up and down crowded aisles full of screaming children and people who need to sit a driving test before being let loose with a trolley.  Just a gentle potter around and then a really nice breakfast.  It makes a lovely change and the stuff available is all the sorts of things which are not available in the supermarkets.  The cheese counter is vast and you get to taste any cheese you fancy before you buy it.  The vegetable section has loads of different kinds of potatoes, all sorts of onions not just red or brown.  Trays of wild mushrooms, fruit from the local area as well as peaches which have had a chance to ripen in the sun.  Lemons from the amalfi coast and every herb you could wish for and an entire wall of artisan bread baked on the premises.  It is a real foodie paradise and of course the food in the restaurant is all from their own stock so it is of the very best quality.  I suppose it is a bit like Borough market but without the train journey and massive crowds.  The only fly in the ointment is that it is threequarters of an hours drive away, however, that is a very small price to pay for such luxury.

Time is marching on and the dogs are milling around my feet asking if the catering department is open yet so I had better get their breakfast underway.  Until tomorrow have a great day all........ 

Anyone for chillies?

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