Friday morning

Yesterday was a bright and sunny day punctuated by heavy downpours so timing was everything if you were to stay dry.  James went off to work at Oxfam and I organised to walk the dogs, now I hope you are sitting down, Mike asked to come with me.  The place where we usually take the dogs is well organised with benches so he walked as far as the first bench which is probably equivalent to walking both up and down our garden in distance.  There I deposited him while I continued on with the dogs and picked him up on the return journey.  While we were out my oven was making some semi-dried tomatoes the recipe for which came via Email from the British Larder and as I had all the necessary ingredients and a punnet of cherry tomatoes I went ahead and made them with nothing particular in mind.  When we got home there was the parcel from Lakeland with the Mary Berry book and in it was a recipe for baked potatoes stuffed with semi-dried tomatoes and pesto all of which I now had so they went on the supper menu along with some chipolata sausages. 

The book is full of useful family style dishes and Mary's useful tips letting you get ahead and also freezing instructions.  There are no earth shattering gourmet recipes requiring ingredients almost impossible to obtain.  However, there are useful twists and additions to homely cooking and best of all some ideas.  Today I am going to do a three cheese pasta bake which includes spinach and as I have all the ingredients to hand it will be a nice easy meal.

I now have the chiffon cake tin but have rather lost the enthusiasm to make the cake but I'm sure that will return soon and this time I will have the tin available.  I have seen a rather nice chocolate recipe on one of the blogs I follow so I may give that a go over the weekend.  

Today the weather is cool and looks rather like rain so I think we are in for another day of showers but I must admit I would rather walk in the rain than in the heat and it does wonders for your hair.  

You may have noticed that I am posting rather later than usual this is because I am managing to sleep a bit longer these days and if I wake at 3am I just try to go back to sleep immediately and sometimes I succeed and grab a few more hours.  

I have been rather remiss this week and my orchids have missed their usual soak on wednesday so I must get them into some water today.  I usually leave them for at least an hour to really absorb all the water they can.  The system seems to work so I am sticking to it.  I made a big mistake a couple of weeks ago and put them outside to get lots of rain water but then the sun came out very strongly and they really didn't like that at all.  So today they will spend their hour submerged in the sink.  The cuttings I took and planted up I gave to Shiona to have a go with.  Talking of cuttings I want to take some of the fantastic fuchsia "firecracker" which is supposed to be hardy but I am dubious so as an insurance policy I thought I would take cuttings.  However first of all I will need to get some potting compost as I am clean out.  Well that is my plan for the day, the first sitting for breakfast have arrived all of whom have 4 legs so I will get on and get them fed.  Then I can get on with the human food for the day.  

Have a good one and dodge the showers if they are in your area.

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