Friday morning

Well at last the fridge is in and boy was it a fiddle to get it in.  Fortunately Gary is a great carpenter and can make anything fit.  Anyway after much adaptation it is in and working and gives me much more space which will be a real help as we are now three instead of two.  The old fridge is in the car ready for its trip to the tip this morning.  I also had a trawl around the garden and collected a wheelbarrow of bits and pieces which can also go to the tip but that will require a second journey I think.  There were bits of pipe work left from the pond job and various broken flower pots and solar lights which have given up the ghost.

It was another hot and glorious day yesterday so my washing was dry almost as soon as it was hung on the line.  The ironing will get done while it is still cool.  For lunch yesterday we had a sandwich each but filled with a red pepper. These had been cooked halved with an anchovy fillet some sliced garlic and half a tomato stuffed inside and a good drizzle of oil.  This made a very nice moist sandwich filling and meant that I was out of the kitchen while the men were working.  For dinner I did a chicken stir fry with snow peas, carrots and noodles.  I had done all the prep work so it was just a matter of throwing things in the wok and hey presto supper was done.  While I was preparing ingredients I also made a cottage pie base which I will finish off today with a hat of mashed potato and that will do for supper tonight.

According to the weather forecast we are due for rain today but at the moment the skies are clear and cloudless.  The dogs have been on house arrest for a couple of days while we wait for Tubbies foot to heal.  I think they have been quite happy to doss around as the weather has been too hot for comfort unless we are out just after dawn.  

Well thats about it for this morning time to get the ironing done and make the mash before the heat hits.  Have a good day all ..........
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