Wednesday Morning

A bit if a communication breakdown yesterday meant the Denny didn't come but I just had to buckle under and get some of the work done.

The courtyard part of the garden is looking great now that the lilies and chillies are planted up and the remainder of the bag of ericaceous compost was used to topdress the camellias.  In the house I hope that all the things which are meant to be shiny and sparkly are just that.  Nothing would stand too much scrutiny but at a distance it all looks good.  Probably to others it looks fine but I know all the grubby nooks and crannies.  Anyway, much help was offered by the men who ferried items to the sink for washing and ran the dishwasher several times.  James walked the dogs which left me free to get on and clean.  When I dismantle the welsh dresser I can never quite remember how it goes back together.  I suppose if I were to use my brain I could take a photo and then it would be easy - but very boring.  I must admit that a very large decluttering session is required and the charity shops will be stuffed with my cast offs.  I am trying to steer a course somewhere between minimalism and the life of a hoarder. I hate to throw away anything which I think may come in handy sometime.  I don't know were all a the stuff comes from perhaps I downsized from  a ten bedroom mansion when I was asleep. 

When I entered the end shed I felt in need of a big sign to put over the door which should read as follows:- 

“Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate"  [abandon hope all you who enter here]  

According to Dante these are the words written over the gates of Hell but some how they seem appropriate.  I open the door, take fright and leave very quickly.  The other shed is not so bad as half has now been converted to a laundry room however the other half is a complete tip as is the garage but at least they are out of sight.  

Yesterday started off nice and sunny but by the afternoon it was cloudy with the odd small shower. Today the weather is very dull and overcast and down to 14 degrees so not that warm.  Anyway, no matter I will be in a car or a restaurant for the most part of the day so the weather can do what it likes. I am really excited about today's outing and even if the cookery demonstration is how to boil an egg I don't care because I know the lunch will be worth eating.  Shiona is due to pitch up at around 8.30 and deposit her dogs and James is going to be both kennel master and chief cook and bottle washer for the day.  I have left the men two beautiful pork chops and a complete box of vegetable so they will not starve. 

Mike is beginning to emerge from the dark tunnel he has been in which is make life a bit more bearable.  He has even accompanied me on a couple of dog walks albeit as far as the first bench which is some 50 yards from the carpark. It is a start and better than lying in bed feeling sorry for himself!!!!
So progress, even if it is very small is always hopeful......

Well time to make myself look respectable [this could take some time] Smart casual I think is in order ball gowns and tiaras are not required.  

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