Wednesday Morning

Fig tarte tatin number 3 and the last one I think - I am fed up with making not to mention eating them. This time I managed to take a snap before the mice got at it but there is not a morsel left this morning. If only my apricot tree were so prolific I would be delighted.  

Yesterday was a glorious day with wall to wall sunshine but with a cooling breeze blowing and the temperatures down from all the rain the previous night.  Denny did her stuff and the house is once again clean and tidy.  For lunch I did some duck breasts bought cheaply in Aldi with which we had some potatoes lyonnaise and some creamed spinach.  I made the creamed spinach in the thermomix by making the initial part of a white sauce but substituting spinach for most of the liquid.  This worked very well and left me with only one pan to wash.  The fig tart did for supper along with a donner wrap from the Turkish takeaway which was mostly salad and much smaller in quantity than the usual filled pitta bread.

Today for lunch I am looking to have the yellowfin sole.  The last time I did these the comment was that they were very bland so I am going to try frying them instead of oven baking and I will add some lemon zest to the crumb coating to give it a bit of flavour.  Together with a large green salad this should be sufficient.  As for supper only one thing is sure it will not be fig tart!!!  I took a large handful of figs to my Japanese friend who was delighted and went off in search of some parma ham to go with them.

James has been accepted as a voluntary worker with Oxfam and starts on Friday.  I know that this is only voluntary work but it is a huge step for him and I am delighted that it will get him out of the house and living a more normal life.  I hope it will do wonders for his self esteem. It must be terrible to find yourself living back at home after having lived an independent life for so long.  Given his terrible physical injuries he manages very well and the EMDR treatment is really helping him to sort out his PTSD.  It is nice to see some progress after such a long haul.  It will come as a bit of a shock for Tubby who lies by the front door waiting every time James goes out.

Well that about it for this morning I am again late in posting having woken at three but decided to try to go back to sleep and succeeded.  This means I am now quite late in getting on with my chores like the big pile of ironing that is staring at me and the bins which need to go out soon for the bin men.  Until tomorrow dear readers............

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