Wednesday morning

Lovely ripe fig and plenty more to come

Yesterday was a surprise everything went well - I went to Magnet and they had one fridge, of the type I wanted, left so James drove the car into the warehouse and they loaded it onto the back seat. Once home it was a case of sliding it out onto a sack barrow and putting it in the garage to await a fitter.  I was given a number to ring and the guy is coming at 5pm today to fit it.  Things will be a bit tight as I will have to leave at 6pm so I hope things have been settled by then and I can leave the men to pay for the job.  I am fortunate that I have and overflow fridge in the garage so I can empty the kitchen one ready to be removed.  Then a quick trip to the tip should see the back of the defective one. 

They greenkeeper from the golf course is due this morning to sort out the trees that are damaging the shed roof.  At the moment it is nice and cool but we are in for another hot one once the sun gets its act together - I must admit that I like to see the sun but I really don't like the heat, it saps me of what little energy I have these days.  

Tonight I am due to go out to dinner with Sandie to a fish evening at a restaurant in Faversham on the menu are the following:-

Selection of Canapés
Roasted Red Pepper & Lumpfish Caviar Pancake 
Smoked Mackerel & Pistachio Mousse
Crayfish, Nectarine & Basil Bruschetta

Cod, Prawn & Smoked Salmon Scotch Egg
Creamed Leek & Dill
Oven Baked Fillet of Local Plaice & Chorizo
Roasted Mediterranean Potato Salad, Tarragon & Anchovies Butter
Lemon & Lime Floating Island
Strawberry Caviar 

Looks good and I think I will have to have a very light lunch if I am to do justice to the fish tonight. Something like a ham and tomato sandwich sounds good.   I find that the heat also really kills my appetite.  

The ponds are settling and the water clearing. It has looked like milk since the addition of the blanket weed killer.  It is also nice to have the patio pond running again though the noise of running water keeps sending me to the loo or maybe it is all the water I am drinking!!!!!

Ok time to get the bins out and get myself dressed.  

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