Wednesday morning

The weather yesterday morning was crazy first it looked fine and gorgeous [more laundry] then it started to rain quite heavily so I thought I would take advantage and put the orchids outside for a good drink of rainwater.  No sooner were they outside than the rain stopped it just wasn't cooperating with me.  However it soon settled into a nice sunny day with a gentle cool breeze so the laundry got done.

Denny came and did her stuff once I had unblocked the hoover for her.  The place was not too bad as I had tried to keep it up while she was away.  I went and did a bit of shopping in Tesco and got us some plastic ham to make sandwiches for lunch.  While I was there I bought two boxes of chicken wings which once home made a meal for us and one for the dogs.  I chopped off the wing tips for the dogs and the rest was put into a roasting tin along with an assortment of ingredients to make sticky wings. Soy sauce, worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar, honey and tomato ketchup.  Then into a hot oven until sticky and well cooked.  There is no polite way to eat these, it is a case of fingers, napkins and finally hand washing.  I had intended to do a portion of rice but no one was feeling hungry so I didn't bother.

Much later in the afternoon my new software arrive so I excitedly unpacked it and found the correct disc which I put into the DVD player and low and behold the machine won't even read the disc so now what - I guess I will have to have a go with their technical support but I can't do that until tomorrow as I am booked up this morning.  Frustrating!!!!!

However, I did have one success on my way to Tesco I called in at the golf club which backs onto our garden and asked if they could put me in touch with their greenkeeper as their shelter belt of trees are now about to damage the roof of my shed.  To cut them from my side would require climbing on the roof of the shed but it can be tackled from the ground on their side so I am hoping that perhaps they will trim the trees or at least give us permission to get in there and do the job ourselves.  They were extremely helpful so I am now waiting for a phone call so we can negotiate what will happen next.  

Once the bins are out and I have got myself organised I am driving to Faversham to have breakfast with Sandy and then we are going on to the butcher in Doddington who has a reputation as the best butcher in Kent.  I can hardly wait.  I haven't seen Sandy in ages though we do keep in contact on the phone.  Today the sky is clear blue with not a cloud in sight so I guess we may well be in for a hot one.  There is still a nice breeze blowing so it may yet be the perfect day.

Well thats about it for this morning nothing much going on my bellicose neighbours are on holiday so I can sit on the patio in the sun and drink my coffee.  Lovely!!!!
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