Wednesday morning

Phyllostachys nigra the black bamboo is shooting huge spears of new growth into the air following the wet winter.

Yesterday was a good day everything ran smoothly for once and harmony reigned in the house.  The chores were evenly divided and everyone pulled their weight.  I spent some time taking the weed out of the pond and leaving it on the path to dry.  In the past I have put it in the compost but it takes forever to rot down so this time it is going on the bonfire.  The tomatoes in the greenhouse are slowly making progress but as they are all heritage varieties I guess they are not as vigorous as the modern varieties but hopefully the fruits will be better tasting.

Did any of you watch the program on the best [healthiest] diet in the world which was on Channel 4 the other evening.  I was delighted that the Italian diet came second after would you believe Iceland. The worst was the diet of the Marshall Islanders who since the Americans took over have moved from their native diet to one of tinned vegetables instead of fresh and huge quantities of sugar in cereals and fizzy drinks etc.  They now hold the record for the highest levels of diabetes.  In the italian village they showed the average age for male mortality is 95 and at 80 they are still out working the land which provides everything they eat.  I would have thought that the Japanese would do well but they lost marks for the quantities of salt they eat in the form of soy sauce which apparently increase their stroke risk considerably.  Anyway I felt we are not doing too badly with our diet as we avoid most food that comes in packets and 2lbs of sugar lasts me several months.

Today the sun is shining and we are off shooting with my neighbours daughter so that should be fun - there is some leftover potato salad that I made yesterday which will do for lunch with some salad and a slice of ham. For supper I am thinking an egg curry would do as I have the curry sauce ready made in the freezer so all I need do is hard boil the eggs and boil some rice.  All nice and easy!!!!  Well that is the plan for the day and as I slept really well and am up late it is time I hit the shower.  Have a great day all and enjoy the summer sunshine if you can..........

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