Tuesday morning

Even if you are not a fan of the chilli how could you not be impressed by this just as a plant.  It is called "masquerade" and the pods turn gradually from purple to orange and finally to yellow.  

Yesterday being the 7th of the 7th is a date that affects us all in this house it is the anniversary of so many bad things for us.  It was a case of being supportive and giving each other some space and muddling through the day.  I find that burying myself in work is the easiest way so I cleaned and shopped and walked the dogs.  I did mountains of laundry and ironing, net curtains were downed and washed, windows cleaned so by bedtime I was absolutely knackered.  We ate leftovers from the day before for lunch and then had a fry up for supper. Black pudding sausages, beans, mushrooms and eggs all low calorie stuff!!!!

I had popped into Dobbies for the sausages but got distracted by the plants I managed to avoid the orchids which were spectacular but who could resist the chilli and these lilies.

All the plants and a 30 litre bag of ericaceous compost came to the princely sum of £20 so I was delighted and today they will be planted into a container rather than the trug bucket they are currently in.  They are just outside the door and the scent from them would knock you flat.

The wonderful Denny is due this morning so I can keep out of her way playing in the garden and yes there is still plenty of cleaning for her to do!!!  My project for the day is to wash all the glass and crystal which is on display and is very grubby.  I work on the principle that if the shiny things are shiny then the place looks clean even if it isn't.  I have also taken out some steak and kidney from the freezer so if I make a bit of pastry we can have a pie to go with the remaining green beans left from last weeks box.  Tomorrow I am off to Suffolk and then on Thursday my friend from Bristol is coming to visit.  

Pastry doesn't like heat so I had better go and do that right now before it gets hot in the kitchen and before I am in Denny's way.  We have lovely sunshine at the moment with just light fluffy clouds high in the sky so it looks like another gorgeous day.  Have a good one everyone........
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