Tuesday morning

Yesterdays thirst quenching drink was pink grapefruit which was truly delicious but very definitely for grown ups not children as it is not very sweet and has a real bitter kick.  It was very hot and humid so as usual I got most of the work done early in the morning before the main heat of the day set in. The pond guy has finished the pond work and I now have both the big pond and my little patio pond working well no leaks and hopefully soon completely clear water.  Mark the gardener also asked if he could come instead of today so it was all pandemonium but the garden is looking much better.  The mahonia which was threatening to engulf the patio has been given a serious haircut, and the path across the astro turf has been removed.  Mark and I agreed that the veg plot should be left fallow and turned over just before winter so it would be ready for next spring.  I have also been left instructions on what to do with the pond next April to keep it looking good so that is something to put in the diary. I will need to order the blanket weed treatment and a new UV bulb so that they are ready when needed.

James walked the dogs early while I did my stuff in the kitchen making a variety of salads to have with the cold chicken which was left from the roast and for supper we had the soup made from the carcass and finished off the salads with some frikadeller meat balls.  All of the dogs bedding was put through the washing machine together with mine - not in the same load.  I went to bed happily shattered after a nice shower I tucked myself into my lovely clean sheets - Bliss.

As Mark came yesterday I have a free day today so I am going to have a look around for a new fridge as I have just about had it with the current one.  The door is very temperamental and only closes when it feels like it which is pretty useless in a fridge.  I dare say I could have the door mended but having had that done once already only to have it fail again I think it is a good opportunity to look for a new one especially as I have never liked the current one.  I have some mushrooms which need using up so I am going to make a mushroom risotto for lunch and then it will be cold meats and salad again for supper.  

While it is beautifully cool I am going to get the ironing done and out of the way.  Getting up at this ungodly hour does have its advantages sometimes.  At least I can get the majority of the work done before it starts to get hot and I have the chance to open all the windows and flood the house with cool air before it turns into a brick kiln.

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