Tuesday Morning

Well here we are mid July and at last the weather seems to be a bit more stable.  We had a day of unbroken sunshine yesterday so the washing machine ran and ran load after load.  I am not quite finished yet as I still have two more beds to change but today looks fine. The ironing pile is now the priority as that is getting unmanageable.  Still it is nice quiet job to do in the cool of the morning while everyone else is asleep.  Today we have some light cloud cover but it doesn't look like rain.

We had a light lunch yesterday of the vegetable soup I had made and so by supper time we were quite hungry and a takeaway curry was a nice change.  We have a Nepalese takeaway which does some very tasty dishes.  I suppose we are lucky with this as we had the Gurkhas station here for many years.  

The chicken run is overrun with weeds but I am not worrying about that as I know that the new hens in the spring will make short work of that and reduce it to bare earth in days. However leaving the vegetable beds has resulted in loads of weeds and they look more like a wildflower meadow than an allotment.  I hope the old adage of "one years seeding equals seven years weeding", does not hold true.  I am trying to remove any weeds that are going to seed while ignoring the remainder.  

The raspberries which are an autumn variety didn't get cut back last year so we had a summer crop and I notice that the new growth is in flower so we will be getting and autumn crop also.  I may cut back only half this autumn that way I hope to double my crop next year also.  

Oh dear I spoke too soon big black clouds are approaching so perhaps we will be in for another day of showers.  Now I am in a quandary do I water the pots or wait?  Ok problem solved it is raining!!!!

Since moving to a Mac I have been using iPhoto which I hate with a passion, so yesterday I ordered Adobe photoshop, a program I am used to using.  It will be a bit of pig changing over but I think I would be happier once it is done. I also took the opportunity to book a fortnight on my favourite pitch at our usual campsite in Suffolk and hopefully as it is in September I will not be plagued with pollen problems.  Tubby has not had a holiday there yet so I am looking forward to taking him on some long walks through the forest.  He will have his mentor Basso with him to show him the ropes of caravan living.  It has been fascinating to watch him learn from his elders and he behaves much more like a gun dog than a terrier.  Birds must be stalked and chased out of the garden and he retrieves well not shaking his prey but returning it to us with speed.  He will be a year old in August so he is doing very well but I think he has not quite found his independence yet and there may be trouble ahead once he is a teenager.

I am hoping Denny will be coming today. I have really missed her and the house is in need of a good hoover and dust.

Well that about it for today not a clue what we will have for lunch or dinner but no doubt I will find something........
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