Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was another hot one my bedroom was registering 27 when I went up to bed and has only dropped to 20 despite having the door to the roof wide open all night.  I think the house acts as a giant storage heater.  Today we are in for another hot one so it will be my usual trick of getting things done in the cool then turning into a pumpkin through the heat of the day.

The men from the golf course arrived yesterday morning and have done a splendid job of clearing all the overhanging branches from the roof of the shed.  Interestingly the greenkeeper did his course at Hadlow college where I did my horticulture course so we had some ground in common.  That done I had done us a light lunch of vegetable soup.  I wanted to have an appetite for my evening in Faversham.  

There was a demonstration of how to fillet a flat and a round fish then they asked for a volunteer to have a go - nothing, no one, then Sandie's voice rang out "go on Diane", so up I went like a lamb to the slaughter.  Fortunately I have filleted a few fish in my time so I did a reasonable job.

And guess who was taking photos?   Apparently they are going to do a crab and lobster evening in August.  I think my name may be down for that one.  The canapes were delicious and the starter of the fish scotch egg was good too.  The main course of plaice was exchanged for skate as the quota for plaice had already been filled so there were none.  However the Ile flottant were not successful as the custard had split and was grainy.  This was not a problem for me as sweets are the one thing I am happy to go without.  Anyway the whole evening was a great pleasure and I arrived home at around 10ish quite happy to fall into my bed and sleep like the dead.

The fitters came and looked at what needed to be done to replace the fridge and will be back this evening to do the job once they have the correct door fitting kit.  I am hoping to persuade them to put the old fridge into the car so I can take it straight up to the tip and get rid of it.

It has been a very busy week one way and another so I am planning to do very little over the weekend and if it continues to be hot I feel becoming a sloth is a really good idea.  
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