Thursday morning

Yesterday was a total scorcher the heat gradually built through the morning and by mid afternoon it was almost unbearable.  Sandy and I had a nice breakfast in Macknades and I restocked on things like pine nuts for pesto making.  They make up bags of vegetables which they sell for £1 some contain a mixture others may be of one item well I got a bag of lemons.  When I counted them out at home I discovered that I had 7 gorgeous lemons for £1.

We then headed off to the butcher in Doddington which was a trip down memory lane for Sandy as her grandfather's house is in the centre of the village.  I got a shoulder of lamb which I intend to slow roast today with an assortment of vegetables for lunch and the leftovers will make a nice shepherds pie.  I also bought a few pounds of sausages which are now in the freezer though I did syphon off a portion for last nights supper.  None of us felt much like eating as it was so hot.  Once  worst of the suns heat had gone down James took the dogs for a walk round the woods.  The last of the laundry got nice and dry and I must admit that I was pleased we had decided not to go shooting as it would have been far too hot to enjoy.

Today it looks like we are headed down the same road so I am going to get as much as I can done before it gets too hot.

My new software arrived and guess what my computer will not even recognise that it has a disc so I am going to have to get some help either from Adobe or I may just have to return them as defective to Amazon who supplied the discs.  This is a job I need to do quietly while my brain is functioning well not while I am distracted by other jobs and quietly boiling in the sun.

My trip to the golf course has proved productive as the green keeper paid us a visit yesterday and agreed that his trees are creating a problem which he is coming to fix next wednesday.  I am delighted as it save me climbing on the shed roof to get access to the stray branches.

I think one of the first jobs of the day is to make a couple of litres of lemonade to see us through the day and with the thermomix it is a 5 minute job.  If push comes to shove I can zest the remaining lemons and squeeze out the juice and both can be frozen for some later use.  In fact sliced lemons freeze well for adding to drinks as they act as ice as well.  There are so many recipes that require lemons its hard to decide what to do first.

The sun is already quite high in the sky so I need to go and water some of my plants especially the greenhouse before it gets scorching hot.  I really should have done it last night but it slipped my mind so I had better get a move on.  

Have a lovely day all - what is your favourite lemon recipe?  ooooooh lemon curd......
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