Thursday Morning

Lovely day yesterday we set off from here at about 9am and made it up to Woodbridge by about 10.30 so we took a bit of a detour to the campsite so that Keith, Shiona's other half, could have a look and and it was an ideal opportunity to unload some of the coffee we had drunk before leaving.  I also took the opportunity to provisionally book a fortnight in September.  We thought it might be nice to have a caravan sharing holiday.  The next do at the British Larder is on 25th September so that would be a good day on which to change over.  However the nitty gritty of the details will have to be worked out later.

On arrival at the larder we were surprised at how many people were there we had understood it was a limited number of 12 but there were nearer 20 of us.  The proceedings were started off by a glass of elderflower spritzer.  We then had a demonstration of how to make a sort of tear and share type of bread which had a filling of courgette and goats cheese.  Which was served with a sort of courgette dip and some skewers of chorizo all of which can be seen in the photo above.  This was served as our starter. We then moved on to making spezzatini di pollo, basically chicken meatballs cooked on skewers and wrapped in ribbons of courgette after first being dipped in panko breadcrumbs laced with parmesan.  This formed the basis of our main course which was served with green beans, fresh peas, couscous and a tahini and yogurt dip.  The second demonstration was of how to make the filling for the bread which was rather like you make chelsea buns. Then we went on to making pickling solution for vegetables and how to make and use fruit vinegars all with the purpose of using up excess vegetable and fruit crops. Once the demonstrations were done we then sat down to eat our lunch.  As you will gather the main thrust of the day was what to do with all the courgettes that suddenly appear at this time of year.  We didn't need to take notes as all the recipes are being emailed to us. All in all £20 well spent. Once I have the recipes I will share few more details.  Lunch done we made our way home but not without a stop at butcher en route.  I was hoping they would have some veal but sadly there was none so I ended up buying some kippers from the Orford smokery and some apple juice from High House fruit farm.  Mike loves kippers and James has a passion for the apple juice.  We were very lucky with the weather which although very windy it was at least dry and the queues at the dartford crossing were in the opposite direction to us both ways so we had no delays.

When we got home James informed me that the nets I had washed the previous day had been ripped from the widows by the wind and the bars which hold them in place had snapped so it was a quick jump in the car and a trip to B&Q to replace them.  Guess what they come in three sizes and we needed the middle size which of course was the one they were clean out of so the curtains are now held in place with gaffer tape.

It had been a long day for me so I was very happy to have a fried egg sandwich and an early night as today I have quite a list of things to do before my guest arrives this afternoon.  It is still windy but nothing like last evening when the winds were very strong indeed.

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