Thursday Morning

When you are young and not fully acquainted with nature and try to swim in an inch of water and 6 inches of mud this is what happens!!! The lovely weather has dried up the paddling pool but nothing was going to stop Tubby having a dip.  Little did he know that this would lead to getting hosed down in the garden before being allowed back in the house.  Of course the water in the hose is some kind of torture and not to be confused with water to swim in.

Yesterday was an absolute scorcher and we had a lovely morning shooting with my neighbours daughter.  She is 16 and has just finished the grueling schedule of exams so it was an ideal way to blow off a bit of steam.  James and I shot not too badly and I was relatively pleased with my score. By the time we got home it was boiling hot so the ham salad I had prepared for lunch was perfect then we all crashed out for a siesta.  Today is set to be a very hot one again and Shiona is coming so we will need to get the dogs walked before it gets too hot.  Then we will have a trip round Aldi as Shiona doesn't have one anywhere near where she lives.  The perception that Aldi is a down market shop is soon dispelled when you look round the car park which is full of Mercedes, Audi and BMW's not beaten up old Fords.

As yet I have not given a thought to what we will have for lunch but I think a trip to the fishmonger might be in order and perhaps some nice mackerel fillets flashed in a pan and dressed with some gremolata might fit the bill.  

Well thats about it as I need to go and water the greenhouse before the sun hits it and boils my tomatoes.  Have a great day and stay cool if you can!!!

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