Thursday monrning

Yesterday was another hot one but with the relief of a sea breeze so it was actually very pleasant.  I picked another great hand full of figs and this time took them to my 92 year old neighbour who was delighted to receive them and welcomed a nice chat.  We spent some time putting the world to rights and discussing Gaza, Syria and various other world messes.  She is a lady with all her marbles intact even at this great age and keeps herself abreast of what is going on in the world around her.  The only conclusion we came to was that we neither of us would see world peace in our life times.  This morning I was watching a black bird merrily munching his way through one of the very ripe figs at the top of the tree which is out of my reach.

I cooked a couple of kippers for Mikes breakfast but he could only eat one and I was not interested so the second one got put in the thermomix and blended with some wholemeal flour and baked off as biscuits - they stink and the dogs love them!!!!!

For lunch I did the sole which had proved so tasteless last time but this time I added the zest of a lemon, pepper and grated parmesan to the coating which made it much better.  For supper I was really lazy and chopped up some sausages which I cooked in passata and tossed over some spaghetti.  

Today at last the fridge saga should conclude as Gary is coming around 11am to fix it so I will be delighted to have it in place at last and can get rid of the old one at the tip.  However I do  need to go shopping at some point so I think I had better get to the shops as they open and make sure I will be home in time for the fridge installation.  Fortunately Aldi opens at 8am so I can whizz around and get back in plenty of time.  The shop is only about a mile or so from home so I can get there and back very quickly.

Tomorrow being the first of August I will be doing my monthly chores and for the first time trying out the new pond filter cleaning system.  Lets hope it all goes smoothly and I can manage the hard work of pulling up the handle for the backwash. Fingers crossed.

Well that about it for this morning time for a shower and off to Aldi ready for when they open at 8am.
Have a good day all I believe that rain is on the way.........

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