Sunday morning

And still no relief from the heat.  We do our best to stay cool but it is a fruitless task.  For quite a lot of the time it is not even sunny but overcast and the humidity is killing.  Even the dogs just want to lie in heap. Even at 4am it is over 20 degrees. Every day I look at the forecast and rain is on the way but nothing has arrived yet.  The only ones happy with the weather are the fish in their nice cool pond. Since the major overhaul of their accommodation they have voracious appetites as there is nothing in the pond for them to eat now so we are feeding them twice a day and as the food goes in the water there is a feeding frenzy reminiscent of sharks.  

Cooking is a bit miserable in this heat so yesterday I did a chicken in soy sauce and rice with two accompanying salads one of cucumber with spring onions and one of carrot and sesame seed. Fortunately the actual cooking time of food was no longer than it took to boil the rice all the effort is in the preparation.  We tried a couple of the chilies from James plant and boy are they hot.  As the chillies are ripening we are picking them and adding them to the box in the freezer.  It is interesting watching them go from deep purple to red and finally to yellow.  

Today I have some duck breast which I thought I would do for lunch but I am having second thoughts as I really don't fancy standing over a hot stove.  I think I still have a bolognese sauce in the freezer so it may be pasta for lunch.

Tubby learned a lesson yesterday when he discovered that even Basso has a limit to his good nature and sitting in his food bowl laughing at him results in getting your bum bitten.  No actual damage was done other than hurt pride but a great deal of shouting made it sound like world war three.  I think all our tempers are a bit short as none of us are enjoying this heat and no one is sleeping too well.  The interesting thing is that dogs don't hold grudges and once the row was over they were again the best of mates having a grand game in the garden but Tubby has a new found respect.  He is at the age where he is testing the boundaries and his testosterone is kicking in.  

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