Sunday morning

The pond is finally full I didn't turn the hose off until 4pm so it has taken 24 hours to fill less than half.  Our water pressure here is dire so it takes ages - if I run a bath I have usually lost the will to live by the time it is ready hence we shower mostly and baths are kept for therapeutic reasons only.

Yesterday was cool to start with after all the rain but it soon became unbearable.  James and I drove down to "Water World" in Rolvenden which is a good hours drive away.  We were in search of another urn to return the water to the pond but after speaking to the pond people they suggested that we just feed the pipe through a pile of slate and pebbles and let run back into the pond that way.  Now why didn't we think of that.  We have loads of big pebbles and various pieces of slate in the garden so the cost will be zero.  However, our journey was not completely wasted as they also sold eggs in the cafe and I needed a dozen.  By the time we had arrived back home it was scorching hot again so we turned the house into cave mode to keep the hot humid air out.  We had a really inventive supper once it was cooling down, sausage egg and beans!!!!!  It looked like we were in for another storm but nothing materialised however, it did rain overnight so the air is nice and cool this morning and all my windows are once again open flushing the house with nice fresh air.  James took the dogs for a walk late in the evening but poor Basso came home panting like mad he is very disadvantaged with his big wooly coat so he spent some time dressed in a nice wet towel to cool him down and he must have drunk a gallon of water.  

Today is my eldest sons birthday but as he is back in Thailand our greeting were all sent electronically.  He would feel right at home with this weather which for us is unbearable. It is set to be another hot day today so I will be doing everything early in the morning and then turning into a pumpkin once it gets hot.  Like Joy I am going to throw a chicken in the halogen oven which will then provide lunch and supper and some stock.  Hot roast for lunch, cold with salad for supper, bones in the stock pot.  

Next week is looking busy as we have the pond guy coming on Monday to finish off the work. Tuesday Mark the gardener is due and there is plenty for him to do as the garden is looking a bit jungle like.  Then on Wednesday we have the gardener from the golf course coming to cut back the trees which are overhanging my shed.  Once all this work is done my next project will be to do something about my fridge, the door of which is playing up and often refuses to close properly.  There is something amiss with the door hinge which is beyond me and needs a professional.  To that end I will have to find a kitchen fitter who is willing to do such a small job.  I think this might not be easy!!!!

Well that where we are at and it is time to get going before the heat starts to build.  Have a good weekend and if you are a lover of heat enjoy.
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