Sunday morning

Snoozing together

Yesterday was a funny day weather wise it started off dull and rainy but warm then in the afternoon we had a couple of hours of sunshine then back to thick cloud and extremely muggy temperatures. After breakfast the dogs had a nice run then home and crash out in the crate for a snooze.  I tried to sneak up on them and get a photo but their hearing is very acute and they are very vigilant about my whereabouts.  You never know I may be headed to the kitchen to throw fillet steaks on the floor!!!!! interestingly I can open any cupboard in the kitchen with no reaction until I open the vegetable cupboard where the carrots are kept then they are there in a flash.  Basso stands with his head just in the way of the door closing in the hope that I will get the message.  Yesterday they were in luck as I had decided to pickle a few carrots which I had finely sliced and then covered with the same mixture as that used at the British Larder which is equal quantities of vinegar and sugar by weight which is then boiled for 2 minutes with spices of your choice.  I used coriander, pepper, star anise and juniper and then threw in a couple of chilies.  Once the vinegar syrup is cold you just pour it over the vegetables to be pickled and seal the jar.

I have no idea what they will taste like but it was fun making them.  Today I intend to do a similar trick with some courgettes.  The remainder I am going to make into a sort of pesto with the courgettes forming the bulk and an assortment of herbs for flavour. Then the usual additions of pine nuts, olive oil, garlic and parmesan.  However I am clean out of vinegar so I will need a trip to the shops first.  I intend to make up a big bottle of the pickling liquid to use on any surplus vegetables I have.  

I also made a sort of quiche/tart with left over short crust pastry some pancetta, a yellow pepper, an onion and a couple of cooked jersey royals sliced,  The leftover cream and a couple of eggs made up the custard.  As it happened it did us for lunch and dinner along with a salad of all the leftover lettuce, tomatoes and rocket that were lurking in the fridge.  We also motored through a piece of very ripe gorgonzola dolce so now at least the fridge looks less like the black hole of calcutta.  

Our post doesn't arrive until mid afternoon but in it was a lovely sign, with the Dante quote, for my shed along with a poem from my friend who is doing calligraphy.  This is very impressive as he is traveling in his motorhome and is at present in Germany on his way to Denmark.  It is so rare in these days of email and text to receive anything handwritten in the post.  

I think I am going to risk a couple of loads of washing today but I am very unsure what the weather is doing.  We have a forecast for sun and showers but at present it is very warm and very cloudy so who knows.  
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