Sunday Morning

Joy, at the risk of sounding like a salesman and knowing that you frequent Lakeland have a look at the Cobb barbecues next time you are there.  They seem to be much more expensive than I remember but they are very versatile.  For me the selling points are fast heating, portability and dishwasher proof but most of all you can put it on any surface so it is safe on the wooden garden tables or on grass and being portable they are ideal for picnics and beach parties.  If you have a look at the Lakeland web site there is a nice little video showing what you can do with it.  I use cobble stones to light mine which makes things even easier and cleaner and one stone gives you 2.5 hours of cooking time.

The only real negative thing is the price!!!! and by far the easiest way to light it is with a blowtorch especially if it is windy.  

After my busy day in the garden I had a few aching muscles yesterday which just goes to show how unfit I am.  It was a drizzly wet day, not any real rain, just enough to make it unpleasant but not enough to really water the garden and it seems today we are in for the same.

In my vegetable box this week was a large packet of complimentary basil so I decided to make pesto alla genovese to dress a plate of spaghetti and what a lovely thing it was - nothing like the stuff they sell in jars.  Like most things you can't beat the real thing.  If you have the basil and pine nuts it only takes moments in the thermomix or a blender to blast the ingredients.  My baby potatoes were made into a potato salad which went well with some fried chicken for supper.  James had a few errands to run so he also took the dogs with him and gave them a good run round the woods.

Today we are going to have a risotto made with homemade chicken stock from the freezer and a packet of frozen mixed seafood.  I am trying to run my freezer down a bit so I can have a bit of a clear out before I restock.  I also have a kohlrabi which I am scratching my head trying to decide what would be the best thing to do.  I think perhaps a gratin would be good as I have some cream which is on the blink and a big bag of frozen bread crumbs.  I also have a spring cabbage which needs using up so perhaps the two would go with some nice griddled pork chops.  As you can see my veg box drives much of the menu but that is no bad thing as it makes us eat seasonally and sometimes things we would not have thought of.

Well thats about it for today have a nice peaceful Sunday especially you Anne after a week of ancient greek I expect you could use a nice quiet day.....

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