Saturday Morning

Well yesterday was another hot one but we did have a bit of a shower in the early evening.  According to the weather forecast we are due for some rain but possibly not until tomorrow.  There is one certain way to make it rain either hang out a full line of washing or water all the pots in the garden.

The fridge saga continues, nothing from the guys who promised to do the job.  On Monday morning I will make a concerted effort to find another kitchen fitter who may do the job for me.  I so wish that the workmen would have the bottle to say they don't want to do the job rather than just leaving you hanging in limbo. 

A picking of figs got put to good use last night draped in parma ham they made a very nice starter for our supper.  As Anne mentioned the Croatians make cakes with figs but it is my understanding that they use dried figs rather than fresh.  At the moment we are keeping pace with the birds who also love my figs.  I have to keep a sharp eye on them as they get attacked as soon as they are ripe and that can be over the course of the day.  In the morning I check for ripe fruits and by evening there are more ready for picking.  We now have a resident thrush, a bird I haven't seen in the garden for years, so I don't begrudge him the fig or two and hopefully he will diminish the snail population.  I try to use very few chemicals in the garden because of the dogs and I only used slug pellets to save my hosta which had been placed well out of the dogs reach.

The tomatoes are ripening in the greenhouse and soon we should have sufficient for a nice salad. These heritage tomatoes are not very prolific but the fruit they produce is not watery but has thick meaty flesh and few pips and a flavour that you remember from childhood.  They wouldn't go down well with the supermarkets as their shape is very variable.  They would be a disaster to grow on a commercial basis but for us they are perfect.

The gratinated kohlrabi worked better this time as I gave the slices a swift boil before dousing with cream and garlic and applying a topping of breadcrumbs and parmesan.  This is a very economic way of using up the crusts of a loaf and the last bit plus rind of the parmesan as I blitzed both in the thermomix.  I know in Italy the rinds of the cheese and odds and ends of parma ham end up in soups not necessarily eaten but used for their flavour.

Today I am going to make chinese chicken using Gok's recipe which is very simple and tasty.  The only ingredient I am short of is some fresh coriander but that is easily bought from Tesco.  My coriander has all gone to seed so I am drying them off for use later and I may scatter a few in the greenhouse hoping they will grow and produce more plants.

Well that about it for today.  Make the most of the fine weather while it lasts but I for one will not be unhappy to see the back of the heat. 

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