Saturday Morning

Well the met office got it spot on yesterday was about as hot as I ever want it to be, it was horrible. The poor pond guy was working in that heat but fortunately he was in the water in waders and much of the pond is in shade but none the less I was ferrying cups of tea and cold drinks to him most of the day. The morning started with a big downpour of rain at about 5am so by 6 when it had stopped we went straight out with the dogs.  While it was cool I did all that needed doing in the house which left me free sit in front of a fan for most of the day.  It was also a task to keep the dogs from offering their assistance with the pond work.  Dogs are very nosey and like to see what is occurring.  Tubby was initially terrified by the man with rubber legs and hid behind me but as soon as Basso made him his best buddy Tubby joined in he really looks to Basso for guidance.  

For lunch we had salad and a pasty and for supper I had made a big pot of minestrone which we didn't eat until quite late as none of us felt much like eating.  Then the incredible light show started with lightning flashing across the sky and just before it started to rain there was one huge gust of wind which blew everything off my bedside table and sent it all crashing to the floor. Fortunately nothing was broken even my little mirror survived. The last thing I need is 7 years bad luck!!!  Actually I am not at all superstitious and love storms so I was quite happy with the thunder and lightning.  I do feel very sorry for people who are afraid of such things it must be very difficult - I once had a work colleague who was terrified and spent stormy nights in the cupboard under the stairs with the hoover and ironing board for company.  I gave her a lift home in a storm and after one big thunder clap I glanced across to her and she had disappeared she was in fact curled in a foetal position in the passenger footwell.  None of my dogs are worried by storms but I know that one of Sandies dogs goes into meltdown.  The trouble is the more you try to comfort the dog the more you reinforce that there is something wrong.

The hose pipe has been running in the pond for most of yesterday afternoon and all night and even with the rain the pond is still not yet full.  We managed to save about half of the original water so with our dismal water pressure I am not expecting the pond to reach the top until this afternoon some time.

Sadly the water lilies which were just about to flower have all had a haircut and been repotted but I know that even if we miss this years flowers next years will be great.  The new pump and filtration system are in place but sadly the urn where the water returns his cracked and broken so my job today is to go and find a replacement.  This is going to be both difficult and expensive I fear.  The pond guy is going to come back on Monday to finish off the job putting in new electrics and a new return feature if I can find one in time.  The rain last night did me a big favour as it has washed away all the mud and mess from the sludge that was in the bottom of the pond the vast majority of which was pumped out to the chicken run.

I need to go and water the poor greenhouse which really suffered in yesterdays heat and has not benefitted from last nights rain.  We had our first tomato from these heritage tomatoes I planted and I was very pleased as it was very fleshy with little room for pips and it tasted like tomatoes are meant to taste.  This is exactly what I was hoping for so I am marking it up as a success.  

We are only a couple of miles from Gravesend which recorded the highest temperature in the country but my system of closing all the windows and blinds as soon as the heat starts to build kept the house 3 degrees cooler which though not much feels so much better.  Opening the patio doors felt like opening an oven door.  Today is due to be hot but we have been forecast a lot of stormy weather from about lunchtime onwards so hopefully it will not be so oppressive.  The rain has now stopped but there is due to be more on the way, all of which pleases me as both the garden and pond need it and it is free!!!!  refilling the pond is going to cane my water bill I am sure.

Have a great weekend and stay as cool as you can!!!
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