Saturday morning

In my head today should be Monday as my friend left yesterday and some how I feel she was with us for the weekend but it is only Saturday.  We had a nice day yesterday and after a slow start we went off and did some shopping.  James had already taken the dogs out so Angela and I pottered off together and had a bite of lunch out while we bought bits and bobs for supper.  She left after supper in the hope of having a clearish run to Bristol avoiding the worst of the Friday night rush.  She is a very understanding person and knows just what it is like with a sick relative as she is looking after her 90 year old mother who recently had a stroke.  She has recovered well from the stroke but obviously she still has some deficit and her age is against her.  Her mother lives a couple of miles away so she has a more difficult lot as she has to drive to and fro at least my wounded are under my roof and I can keep a close eye on them.  It is a difficult juggling act to divide your time between those who need your attention and of course you tend to lose sight of your own needs in the morass of others needs.  I was very tired having had two days starting at 3am and not finishing until near midnight so after she had departed I hit the hay and not so much slept as became unconscious!!!!

The weather was miserable yesterday wet and not that warm you could have been forgiven for thinking it was November not July.  Today is still very overcast a bit warmer but still very misty and damp.  Everything in the garden is dripping from the frequent showers but that is good for the garden so I am not complaining - well not too much.  

Today I need to have a delve into the black hole which is the fridge it is full of bit of this and that so I need to do a bit of reorganising and use up some of the left overs.  I dare say it would be a good opportunity to give it a good clean as who know what I will find buried in its recesses.  I have some mince which has defrosted and that is earmarked for some meatballs.  If I get on and make them I can put them into the freezer once they are cooked, if they are surplus to requirements.  The laundry is piling up and needs doing but there is no chance of getting it dry outside so the tumble dryer will have to be pressed into action.

Poor Tubby was in disgrace yesterday as he had made a small mistake and decided that James belt was in fact a large leather chew - the belt is no more and Tubby is very crestfallen he will have to fork out his pocket money for a new one.  Not really his fault, how is he to know the difference and anything left on the floor is fair game.  He has a very strong conscience and once he had realised he had done wrong he went into a terminal decline and when we threw away the bits of the belt he ran and hid giving the impression that we had beaten him to within an inch of his life.  I don't think we need have any fear that he will ever do that again. 

Until tomorrow have a good weekend ......

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