Saturday morning

What a productive day I had yesterday, the weather was definitely on my side.  I got the blower round the garden and tidied it up a bit then out with the laundry.  While that dried I got the pressure washer out and did the end shed which had lots of green mold and both the inside and outside of the greenhouse.  I gave the chicken run a bit of a blast so that it will be ready for the next lot of hens in the spring.  By the time that was done I was fairly wet so I got out the dog bath and Basso and Tubby had a good scrub.  I had made a large jug of gazpacho which we had for lunch and the men went to the butcher and got a bag of lamb cutlets which I painted with dijon mustard and sprinkled with demerara sugar ready for the barbeque.  I have a lovely cobb barbecue which is easy to light and best of all can be placed anywhere as the outside doesn't get hot.  It is unlike a normal barbecue as it is ready to cook on some 5 minutes after lighting.  And the real trump card is that every bit of it is dishwasher proof.

The only drawback is that it is fine for a small family but would be a bit small for hundreds of people.
With the barbecue we had a nice tomato salad with mozzarella and basil then just to finish off the day James and I lit the bonfire and burned off the pondweed which was now good and dry.  In the past I have tried to compost it but it takes forever to rot down.  We also burned off a load of paperwork which should have been shredded but burning it was much easier once the fire was going.

It is now raining and can you believe that it is 4am and the drunks are still singing and shouting outside the pub and believe me they are no male voice choir.  This morning it me that needs bathing as I was too tired last night and I must smell like nothing on earth after all the firework.  The smokey smell gets into every pore and I could easily be mistaken for a kipper!!!

As the weather has turned cooler and wetter today will be a more indoor day.  The barbecue can go in the dishwasher and then back in its carrying bag ready for its next outing.  As yet I have nothing planned for our meals but no doubt something will spring to mind.  I have some nice baby potatoes which will make a lovely salad and there is still some ham so that might have to do for lunch.

As the dogs are cleaner than I am I am off to hit the shower and get the day started off on the right foot.  Have a lovely weekend and I hope you manage to get all your jobs done.  It does feel good when you actually accomplish something........

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