Monday morning

Yesterday was hot and sultry with the threat of rain which didn't happen until during the night.  This morning the air is much fresher and the temperature down to 17 degrees.  There is a cool breeze blowing and the sky is deeply overcast so more rain may be on the way.  

The dogs managed to get themselves good and muddy on their walk as the tide was out so on their return the bath was filled and in they went.  This outdoor dog bath is proving very useful as the water is then recycled for the garden. I'm sure a bit of Medway river mud is good for the garden as it must contain some nutrients. Nip had managed to stay out of the mud but did not escape the grooming session and he was given a going over with the clippers which has reduced his thick coat considerably.  Basso too got a good grooming following his foot spa.  Tubby being smaller had to be completely bathed as he had managed to submerge himself in the mud.

For lunch I dug out a bolognese sauce from the freezer to which I added some of the beefy tomatoes from the greenhouse and with it we had a salad of borlotti beans and radicchio also from the greenhouse.   I also made a tart tatin with some of the figs we picked that day.  I only made a small amount of caramel as I am not a lover of the very sweet so it was perfect and with a splash of double cream it was just right.  Needless to say it has all disappeared as we all had a slice for supper.  Today James is making his signature dish of Mexican salsa with tortillas so I am off the hook.

The fridge saga, I hope, is coming to an end as my favourite handyman Gary is going to come and have a look at it either this morning or this evening depending on his work load.  He was the guy who put in my new shower and the new gas fire so I have every confidence in him.  He is quick, clean and accurate so I am hopeful that the problems will be resolved.  I will be pleased to have the new fridge out of the garage as it is a bit of nuisance blocking up the walkway and access to my freezers.

Last week was very busy but I am hoping this week will be a bit quieter.  This very hot and humid weather has been very difficult for Mike's chest so I think he should feel a bit better now that it has cooled off a bit.  Keeping up with the housework and garden maintenance has proved a real chore as my energy levels have been on minimum.  We have been walking the dogs very early in the morning before the sun has had a chance to burn off the cloud.  I was interested to read that some recent research had shown that those with dogs behave as if they were 10 years younger than their actual age so forget the anti wrinkle cream and get a dog!!!!!! they keep you young and make you walk no matter what the weather.
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