Monday morning

Yesterday was a sort of sandwich of weather it had rained in the early hours then it got hot and finally we had monsoon rain in the early evening.  I got the dogs out for a walk nice and early but our usual place was packed as every dog walker had the same idea everyone was getting the dogs walked before the heat hit.  The tide was just going out so the dogs went mud puddling and came home filthy. Fortunately I have a dog bath so it was a relatively easy thing to hose them down and the water can be reused to water the potted plants.

Once the dogs were sorted it was off to Aldi to get some bits and bobs then home to get the chicken into the halogen oven.  Parking is a bit of a pain on Sunday morning so James dropped me off and took the car to the albanians for a wash and then picked me up as I came out.  They do a fantastic job and charge £16 for a 4x4 which is a very good price. We had the chicken roast for lunch and then cold for supper and the carcass has boiled in the slow cooker making a nice stock/broth for lunch today.  In this very hot weather slaving over a hot stove is not a pleasure.  I bought a couple of pink grapefruits to make a drink with. It is the same recipe as the lemonade just a different flavour.  Today is much cooler we are starting the day below 20 degrees so that is a good temperature.  

We are expecting the pond guy to come this morning and finish off the rest of the work. Then I will have to search for a creative gene to come up with some sort of feature for the return pipe. I will need to be a clever and get the angle right if I am not to pump the contents of the pond into the flowerbeds. I have had to feed the fish both night and morning as they now have nothing to eat in the pond and they are ravenous. The new pump and filter system have come with a couple of thick manuals so I will not be short of bedtime reading for some time.  Although I will still have work to do I am hoping it will be a bit easier with the new equipment.  The filter has a back wash system so I will not have to spend hours in the sink cleaning it.  As you will gather my main objective is to cut down the amount of work needed to keep the house/garden running now that I am getting older and Mike can no longer help me.  James does his best but he is handicapped by his injuries so it is a case of muddling through together as best we can.

Well that about it for this morning I am up very late having had a pretty rotten night but hopefully I can grab a siesta this afternoon to make up.  My first job is to dismantle the chicken carcass and saving the scraps for the dogs breakfast.  We have thick cloud here with brief glimpses of the sun but that is OK by me as it means garden work should be possible and as it has rained the weeds should come out easily.

I thought this might make you chuckle:-

How to tell an expensive plant from a weed
Give it a good pull if it comes out easily it is an expensive plant, if it refuses to budge it is a weed. Not very scientific but usually accurate.

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