Monday morning

Well at last the weather has turned yesterday was like living in a sauna it was hot but wet and steamy and really quite uncomfortable.  Today there is a fresh breeze and sunshine - perfect.  In my fridge and freezer clearing I made a strange supper last night which was made with layers of flour tortillas and sandwiched between was a pesto made with the standard ingredients minus the basil but with courgette and rocket in its place.  The next layer was some saute vegetables onions, red peppers and courgettes then the last layer was a cheese omelette then the final tortilla.  I wrapped the whole cake in tin foil and refrigerated until supper time which allowed time for all the flavours to seep into the dry tortillas.  This was an efficient way of using up half a packet of tortillas and the assorted leftover vegetables.  While I was at it I made some soup for today with all the same sort of ingredients but with a tub of leek and potato soup and added stock and a packet of jersey royals diced and added.  It is quite a substantial soup especially as it also has some chorizo chopped and added.

With the weather nice and calm today it is a day for laundry as the pile is getting unmanageably large.  Beds need changing also so there are mountains to do but it should all dry nice and quickly.  The dogs have been walked and with lunch already made I can get on and get to grips with the laundry.

The garden has appreciated the rain even if I didn't so that is a bonus but even if it is raining I still have to remember the greenhouse.  When are they going to invent a greenhouse with a remotely operated roof you could open when it is raining.  Someone could make a fortune - any takers!!!!

Short and sweet today lots to do so I am about to burst into life and get going  - have a good one and I hope you are enjoying similar weather.
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