Monday Morning

When I planted up my edible window box I added a packet of nasturtium seeds which were described as black.  I don't think I am colour blind but would you call them black?

Then while I was out shopping I saw this fuchsia which is called firecracker, the flowers are rather insignificant but who needs flowers with such colourful foliage.  According to the label it is a hardy variety but I am not so sure.  The thought is also crossing my mind that as fuchsias take cutting very easily I may take a few once the plant is established in its new pot.  I was very careful to walk quickly past the orchids which are my current addiction.

I spent the wet morning making bits for lunch and dinner but now I wish I hadn't bothered.  Mike had a bad day and didn't want the food so ate toast and James slept round the clock so the dogs have a nice seafood risotto for breakfast and 2 of the 3  pork chops are in the freezer.  There are days when I could cheerfully choke the men in my house and yesterday was one of them.  It is very hard to cater for people who keep changing their minds.  I made the kohlrabi gratin and some coleslaw with the cabbage both of which are now in the fridge. 

Today the sun is shining and I am in the mood to do a bit of cleaning.  My room is a bit of a muddle so that is where I am going to make a start.  The guest bedroom looks like a dumping ground so that needs a good tidy and clean as I am expecting a visitor at the end of the week.  

Wednesday is going to be an exciting day as I am off to the British Larder in Woodbridge Suffolk for a cookery demonstration and lunch.  Shiona is picking me up at about 8.30 as it is a good 2 hour drive and we need to be there by 11am for homemade lemonade in the bar.  At one point we were going to take the caravan out but it meant leaving the dogs and the weather is likely to be too hot to leave them locked up so all 5 of them will stay at our house while we are away.

Our friends Len and Margaret were looking for a place for a nice celebration lunch so I recommended Reads in Faversham.  I am always reticent to recommend places as you never know if they have changed hands or chefs.  Reads is however a fairly safe bet and though the rooms and dinner are rather pricey a three course lunch for £27 per head is not too bad.  I have paid that sort of money for a very mediocre meal elsewhere.  Anyway I am delighted to say that they were all duly impressed.  They had drinks on the terrace and a tour of the vegetable garden before the settled to eat.

The pictures are from their website but I am sure they won't mind the extra advertising.

Well that about it my load of whites is done and ready for the line so I am off to get started while the spirit is willing.

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