Friday morning

Yesterday was another really hot one but each morning starts off very cloudy and cool but the sun then burns off the cloud and the heat starts to build.  All day we waited to hear from the kitchen fitters but nothing. Did I ring? Yes. Did I get a reply? No. and I am still waiting lets hope they show up today or I will have to make alternative arrangements.  I thought things had gone too well anyway mean time my new fridge is sitting in the garage blocking the passageway so I will have to move it to a more suitable place if we are not to get it installed just yet. What a pain!!!  We ate very lightly yesterday and for lunch we had a bowl of the vegetable soup I had made into which I had added a chopped cabano sausage for a bit of extra welly.  Then for supper we had a fillet of yellowfin sole which was rather bland in flavour more like a flounder than anything else and with it we had a mixed leaf salad to which I added some radicchio called Trieste which is quite bitter in flavour and eaten when the leaf is tiny.  This type of radicchio is not available to buy and is not even readily available in Italy but it is very common in the Trieste area and often accompanied by borlotti beans in a salad. The beans counteract the bitterness.  Anyway I got a packet of seeds from the heritage people and it is growing merrily in the greenhouse where I broadcast the seeds amongst the tomatoes.  

The gladioli in the photo is one that I planted earlier in the year but sadly I forgot to put in some sensible stakes so they are inclined to lay down flat and in order to take the photo I had to hold it up with one hand and take the snap with the other.  Today I really must organise some support or I will miss the best of the flowers.  Dessert in this house is figs as they are now ripening at a rate of knots and it is a battle to get to them before the birds who are also feasting.

James has just taken the dogs out for their walk while it is still cool and I am gradually getting my act together after a pretty rotten night tossing and turning one minute too hot, the next too cold, over the duvet, then under, fan on then fan off.  I just couldn't seem to get to a comfortable temperature for sleep.  I finally dozed off around 3am so now I feel like a dishcloth.  A couple of cups of strong black coffee should kick me back on track. 

In my box of vegetables this week there was a kohlrabi which I am going to gratinate but this time I am going to boil the slices for a while first as it has the same problem as sliced potatoes which take forever to soften.  I have no cream but I do have milk and butter which the thermomix can convert into cream by re-emulsifying it so that is what I have in mind.  I think it will make a nice accompaniment to the "Bambi" burgers.  Anyway I had better get on as I am having a late start this morning.  

Have a good day all..........

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