Friday Morning

Yesterday started off dull and cloudy so we got the dogs out for a walk bright and early and then after dumping them back home we hit Aldi for a load of shopping.  It was interesting that there were a gaggle of suited and booted types from head office in the car park obviously discussing its problems and the long queues of people waiting to find a space.  Once my ladened trolley was emptied into the car we were ushered out of our space by probably the most highly paid car park attendant in the country but at least he was at the sharp end seeing for himself just what the problems are.  For my money the solution is easy they need bigger premises to cope with their success!!!!  I had stocked up on dishwasher tablets and other cleaning materials which were all on special offer.  

Then came the rain and it drizzled for the rest of the day.  Angela arrived at about 4.30 having had a good run up from Bristol.  It was lovely to see her again and as you can imagine we had loads to chat about over dinner.  I had gone for a simple supper of grilled mackerel with gremolata, new potatoes and a mixed green salad, followed by strawberries and cherries with cream.  A bottle of white helped the fish down.  There was a short break in the rain so we had had a wander up the garden which gradually deteriorates the father you get from the house, ending in the wilderness which was my vegetable garden and chicken run.  The far end is being left fallow this year which will do it no harm and hopefully by next spring things will be a bit more settled and I can devote a bit more time to that part of the garden.  I intend to repopulate the hen run in the spring as it seems senseless to give myself a winter of chicken care and fox protection.  At some point I need to raise the fence level of the hen run so that it makes it that much more difficult for the fox to jump in and massacre the hens.  I have a high fence on three sides of the run but the fourth side is still very low and though we have added two rows of wire to the top is seems to be no deterrent to the wiley[sp] fox.  This is a nice job which can be done over the winter months in anticipation of the new flock.

I'm not sure what we are going to do today but I'm sure we can make a plan over breakfast as a lot will depend on the weather.  At the moment it is dry but very cloudy though it is difficult to see as it is not yet fully light.  The forecast is for sunshine and showers but who knows might get either or both. Sadly Angela is too early for the figs which are going to be in abundance this year and I know she has a passion for them.  However Sandi also is keen so I am sure I will be able to get rid of them some how.  They also freeze well poached in some syrup or orange juice and with parma ham selling fairly cheaply in Aldi I can see a few meals to come.

Have a good day whatever you have planned 

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