Friday morning

Why a photo of a birthday card? well just look at the effort that has gone into writing it - calligraphy is a new hobby and I think Henry is making great progress.  I used to have reasonable handwriting until I started typing everything now it looks like some drunken spider has crawled over the paper.  As a child I went to several primary schools and each one taught a different type of handwriting.  One convent I went to insisted on italics while one wanted Marion Richardson type writing and the third wanted loopy letters unless it was for the history teacher who hated loops.  As you can imagine my handwriting went through several incarnations and ended up as a mishmash of all the styles and now has gone to hell completely but the only writing I now do is to write shopping list.  

Yesterday was an absolute scorcher and we got the dogs out for their walk as soon as Shiona had arrived and revitalised herself with a double espresso.  Fortunately there was a gentle breeze so it was not too unpleasant but needless to say Tubby had another go at swimming in the mud which is getting thicker by the day as the sun dries out what little water is left.  We dumped the dogs back home so that they were not in the car while we did our shopping.  The fishmonger had some really gorgeous mackerel which I did for lunch with a green salad.  Supper was every man for himself - if you can find it you can eat it!!!!  Today looks like it is going to be another hot one so I have instituted my continental system to keep the house cool.  Once the sun hits the back of the house all the windows are shut and the blinds pulled down.   The sun doesn't hit the front of the house until about 5pm by which time the sun has lost most of its power so it stays cool but the back turns into an oven very quickly.

I don't really have any significant plans for today except to keep as cool as possible and given that I had a rotten night I think it will be a pottering day.  I have all the ingredients for a gazpacho so I think that will be on the lunch menu and supper will be pasta and pesto and salad.  Nothing that requires too much bending over a hot stove.  The ironing got done yesterday in the cool of the morning but the washing basket is full again so I guess the machine will be on duty today.  The garden has more in common with the sahara than an english country garden so I for one will not be unhappy when the rain comes.  In the mean time I am trying to keep the pots and greenhouse watered the rest will just have to take care of itself.

Have a good day all and try to keep your cool if you can!!!!
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