Wednesday morning

Yesterday was a nice day it alternated from hot and sunny to cloudy and cool then finally by early evening it was raining.  Well it would wouldn't it! given that I had had a good watering session!!!! Anyway, as a gardener I am not at all unhappy as water was definitely needed.  At one moment I decided to plant some seeds but the ground needed preparatory work first and I discovered that I couldn't get a fork into the ground it was like concrete.  Today I will stand a chance after an hour of the hose on the ground and then last nights rain.  I did manage to get two coats of varnish on the last chairs so just one more to go and I am finished.  Then if it does what it says on the tin the furniture should be protected for a full three years before I need to apply another coat.  

As James had had a hard day on his poor broken foot I had decided to take the dogs out by myself but Mike suddenly asked if he could come too so he accompanied me in the car and walked from the carpark to a bench [50 feet]while I walked out with the dogs.  The paddling pool where the dogs like to play is all but dried up but Tubby can't believe it and so throws himself into the mud puddle in the hope that he can swim.  Instead he comes out absolutely filthy and stinking of river mud so he had to be showered off when we got home.  This was no easy task as you would have thought I was washing him in boiling acid instead of nice fresh water.  What he does like is being wrapped in a towel and given a good rub down.

I know it was Tuesday but we had Sunday lunch anyway as I had a nice leg of lamb which I just seasoned and roasted and served with peas carrots and potatoes.  There is enough left for a shepherds pie which will be my first job this morning.  Shiona was due to come over but given the parking situation she has decided to meet us at James flat tomorrow to help with the final push of clearing out and getting rid of the last of the bits and bobs.  We will have two cars to fill with stuff for the tip and once that is done we will take ourselves to the pub for lunch.  This is proving to be a very nasty job it is the sort of thing you find yourself doing when someone dies.  To throw away someones life in front of them is very distressing.  James is more magnanimous about it than I am and I think he will just be pleased when it is done and he can hand back the keys and forget about it.  

Tomorrow the gas team are due to do our house so it would probably be better if we were not around. Mike is happy to supervise and at least our car will be off the drive so they can dig to their hearts content.  I think this disruption in the road is going to last several weeks which is going to make parking crazy.  Fortunately we do have a disabled bay in which to park most of the time.  

Well thats about it for today time to put the rubbish out for the bin men then as it is so early I may just try and get a bit more sleep before attacking the day.
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