Wednesday morning

Finally the sun broke through yesterday and we had a bit of a brighter day.  However as it turned out it was us who were not so sunny.  I thought I was the only one who was feeling under the weather but as it turned out we were all feeling a bit jaded and can only attribute it to our rather substandard chinese or maybe it was just coincidence who knows.  We were all feeling just off colour not ill just not well either.  Denny arrived all bright and breezy which cheered us all up a bit and as soon as she was underway James and I headed for his flat and had a bit of a clear out of clothes and paper work. 

Fortunately directly opposite his flat there is a recycle point so we were able to dispose of all the old clothes relatively easily.  We then filled the car with stuff which needed to come home but we were both feeling really terrible by this time so we set off for his appointment with the British Legion and then headed for home only to discover that we had a car full of stuff to unload.  That done, we decided to have a boiled egg and toast for lunch as none of us was up to much else.  I got one load of laundry on then threw in the towel and went to bed where I slept like the dead until 4pm.  I felt as if I had eaten a bag of nails washed down with acid.  Supper was DIY and Mike had a nice big bowl of the gazpacho and both James and I stuck to water.  I am pleased to report that things feel much better this morning and I feel a bit more myself.  

As soon as it is light I will get that load of washing out on the line and start the next load then it will be a trip to the greenhouse as I am sure that will need a water.  Today is bin day and the bin in the kitchen is full to overflowing so that will be a high priority.  I also need a trip to the shops as my list is growing in length and we could use something gentle for lunch.  Perhaps a little chicken with mushrooms and rice will fit the bill.  If the dogs are under the weather that is what they get, chicken and rice, so I hope if it works for them it will work for us too.  Continuing the bland theme I fancy macaroni cheese for supper.  

The men and dogs are still asleep so lets hope they too feel a bit more human today and whatever ailed us has passed.  Basso must have realised we were off colour as he came and sat with his head in my lap for some time which is not his normal behaviour but I think he realised that I could well use a cuddle.  It never ceases to amaze me how perceptive dogs are to your every mood. 

Well that about it for this morning it is now light enough to see the washing line so I had better make a start then once the basic chores are out of the way and gentle day is called for.  Lots of resting with odd bursts of activity.  Hope you have a good one and get a bit of whatever sunshine is available....... Oh hell it is raining!!!!
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