Wednesday Morning

It is so lovely to see this clematis in flower for the first time up until now it has been smothered by a huge vine from next door which completely cut out all the light.  Today in celebration I am going to give it a good feed and water, clematis are hungry plants so a bit to tomato fertilizer will be just the ticket.

Now is Mike home safe and well?  No he is still in hospital - yesterday was complete chaos with him being shunted from one area to another - I did get in to see him twice and the rest of the time I spent waiting for the phone calls that never came.  Everyone I spoke to assured me they would let me know what was happening but not one of them did so I chased around finding what was happening.  In the end it was Mike who virtually collapsed and insisted he was not fit to go home.  So the whole process starts again today, the medical staff will see him at around 9am and I am sure they will be happy to send him home as from a medical standpoint there are no problems.  The fact that he is so weak he can hardly stand is not a medical issue.  Anyway don't get me started but I can assure you the next person who addresses me as lovey, ducks, darling or my lovely will get replied to in kind.  I don't suppose the ward sister would appreciate being condescended to by being called "treacle".  I have spent my life explaining to nurses that approaching patients in a professional manner is the correct way to go.  There is a big difference between friendly and patronising.  Being old and deaf sick doesn't mean you are stupid.  Anyway fingers crossed that things come together today.  I am on my knees from tiredness as I have been up very early each morning and have not had the luxury of an afternoon siesta so I have just become progressively more tired as the days wear on.

Shiona is due to come over today which will be a great help if we get Mike back home.  Anyway on the good news front I managed to get another coat of varnish on the table so there is just one more to go after we give it a light sanding.

Change of plan yet again they have just phoned to say come and take him away so I am going to get some clothes on and get over there.  My only comment is they would be hard pushed to organise a "piss up in a brewery".
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