Wednesday morning

Rosa rugosa just starting to bloom but I love it for the leaf colour

Ok so who bought the quick drying varnish/wood stain yesterday - so of course it is pouring with rain today.  I also bought some replacement sage plants which I immediately put in the ground so at least the rain is good for them.  I can't say I was looking forward to painting the garden furniture so I am not that disappointed about the rain.

Denny came yesterday morning and went through the house like a hurricane.  Beds were stripped and sheets washed, rooms aired, hoovered and dusted.  The kitchen is pristine cupboard doors all scrubbed and the floor shining.  Sadly I know it won't take me long to make a mess.  I had decided to make a cheese, potato and onion pie for lunch and as I had half a packet of bacon that went in too and the remains of the puff pastry made an adequate lid.  Supper was a nice easy meal as I had the lovely chicken stock which became chicken noodle soup which was followed by thick cut toasted slices of farmhouse bread topped with a big pile of fried mushrooms.  Today my mind is a complete blank and I will have to have a trawl around in the freezer and cupboards and see what I can find.  I will also have to hit the shops as I have a list of the usual suspects milk, eggs and bread etc.  My meat supplies are running low so a trip to the butcher is also in order.  The one thing I have in abundance are pot sticker dumplings so maybe and plateful with some sweet chili sauce will do for lunch.

Only 5 days to go now and Mike should get his long awaited surgery - mind you I am not holding my breath as I know that cancellations often happen if there are no beds.  As it is a wet day I may have another go at the wardrobes and see if I can't clear out more clothes that will never be worn again.  I spend most of my life in jeans and polo shirts so I just need to keep one decent outfit in case I am summoned to a royal garden party or something, the rest can go.  This should make some room for James to move his stuff in and get himself a bit more settled.  We can then tackle the guest bedroom and convert that back to a bedroom rather than a store room.  I used to be quite good at motivating myself to get these jobs done but I seem to be running out of gas at the moment.  I am sleeping particularly badly at the moment so I seem to be permanently tired - I guess it is all the stress of the last few years that are finally taking their toll on me.  I'm sure I will feel better once this latest mess is all sorted and we can forge ahead with a bit more certainty.  Anyway enough whining it is now daylight and I can get the bins out for the bin men while there is a lull in the rain.

What is the weather like with you I will be very jealous if you have brilliant sunshine!!!!!
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