Tuesday Morning

Yesterday we spent some time over at James flat sorting out stuff to go to the tip - it really is a heartbreaking exercise but we don't have enough time to get the stuff sorted any other way.  Some guys from Oxfam came and took lots of books, DVD's etc and there is a lady coming on Thursday to see if she will take the dining table and chairs - if she doesn't the council will have to take them away. 

By the time we returned home the whole road was in a state of disarray with the gas board digging up to replace not only the main gas line but also the pipes leading into our meters.  We are due to be done on Thursday so we will be without gas for the day but they will send in a gas fitter to check that the boiler and other items have been properly reconnected.  For us a day without gas only means no hot water which is no real hardship.  My hob is gas but I do have a free standing induction hob just incase I desperately need to fry an egg or something.  What it has caused is considerable confusion with the parking of which there is insufficient anyway.  It also means pneumatic drills going all day so it is pretty noisey.  

The leg of lamb got put on hold yesterday but today it will need to be cooked.  James could use a day off his foot after running up and down stairs all day yesterday.  We had filled the car with stuff for the tip and of course in order to throw the items away you have to climb up steps to the megabins.  We were both pretty shattered at the end so we will have a day off today.  If I walk the dogs then that will save James foot from any extra pain.  It was rather hot for manual labour so we were both very tired and thank goodness for the takeaway kebab shop as that is what we had for supper.  I don't feel that this is too bad by way of takeaway as it is grilled meat, salad and bread so not too horrendous.

I have one machine load of washing waiting for the line.  I put it on yesterday but by the time we returned it was rather late so it must go out first thing this morning.  I also need to get some of the watering done in the garden another job that wants doing before the sun really gets up.  Sometimes I feel as if I am chasing my tail with my list of jobs but they usually get done in the end.  I still have the last two chairs to varnish but as long as they are done by winter there is no problem.  It is largely a game of priorities but I'm sure you all understand this as no doubt your lives are led in much the same way.  I sometimes wonder how I had time to go to work but then there were two of us to keep the house and garden in order.  

Anyway enough rabbiting on time to get going and get the laundry out and the watering done.  Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine.......

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