Tuesday morning

Yesterday was another miserable cold day and today it looks just as bad.  We had such a short interlude of good weather this seems really unwarranted.  I wouldn't mind if it would get on and rain but it is just dull and overcast with a cold wind blowing.

Today we are set for quite a busy day as we have Denny coming and she will light a fire under us. The district nurse came yesterday and had a look at Mikes wound and agreed it would have been foolish to put him with other postoperative patients given his chest infection.  Some things are better not shared!!!  Anyway his wound is looking very nicely healed.  He has no stitches to be removed as they have closed the wound subcutaneously.  He has also been given the all clear to have a shower as the nurse has put on a nice waterproof plaster and she will be coming to see him again on Thursday with a view to discharging him.  If the antibiotics have done their job then he will be back to a good position and hopefully able to mend with some TLC.  

We had the venison burgers for lunch and it was decided that we would have a chinese for supper but as usual we picked the wrong day our favourite and the best chinese is closed on a Monday.  We ordered from another establishment and the food was not bad with the exception of a lemon sauce which was to accompany Mikes chicken.  It tasted like drain cleaner and that is exactly what we used it for.  The complimentary prawn crackers are the dogs favourites and Basso can put one in his mouth whole and make it disappear with not a crumb spilt.  The other two manage to explode them in a shower of crumbs but they do spend time hoovering up the mess.  

All the car bits are now complete we are legal, insured and taxed on both cars so hopefully we can look forward to some carefree motoring this summer.  James has an appointment at 11.30 so we thought we would kill several birds with one stone and go to his flat a do a bit of clearing then double back for his appointment and then on to the dump with some of the rubbish.  This means that we will have to have something quick and simple for lunch which I think will probably be some pasties from the bakers.  Supper will have to be the gazpacho soup I made yesterday and possibly some pot sticker dumplings with sweet chili sauce, which are still lurking in the freezer.  Then tomorrow I really will have to hit the shops and restock as we are running out of meat and fish.  Not that that is a tragedy as we often have meat free meals but it does give me a bit more room for manoeuvre.  

I am a bit late this morning as I woke at three but managed to get back to sleep by four and slept until six which is a bit more reasonable but I now have a nice headache which often accompanies a lie in. The dogs are quite put out as they like to have breakfast at about 6am and believe me they have excellent internal clocks and Tubby was outside my door at 6 on the dot asking me if I was getting up. James is now up so he will no doubt sort out the food for the dogs and Denny will be here in half an hour so I need to get going.

Come back sunshine this grey is so depressing...........

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