Tuesday morning

Pittosporum with the new growth gradually turning from bright green to the final almost black of the mature leaves.

Well yesterday went according to plan and I delivered Mike to the hospital at 7.30am.  He was second on the list which started at 9am so I was expecting him done and dusted by about 11am but it was gone 12pm when he was finally out of theatre.  They didn't manage to find him a bed until 6pm.  I spoke with him on the phone and he felt fine but as they were going to be moving him to the ward it seemed a bit pointless visiting.  However, I will pop in this morning and see how he is now that they have him settled.  He had a spinal anaesthetic which means that he will be in no pain for some time which is one of the benefits about a regional block.  I think they must have also given him some sedation like valium which will cause retrograde amnesia so he remembers nothing of the surgery. Technically he would have been asleep rather than unconscious.  I am much relieved as knowing all the things which can go wrong is not helpful, sometimes ignorance is bliss.  As yet no mention has been made with regard to his discharge and I will be very firm if they try to discharge him in a state with which I am unable to cope.  Now we have to hope for an uneventful wound healing and gradual mobilisation.

I spent the morning walking the dogs and then clearing out Mikes room so it is all nice and tidy for his return.  James had a less successful hospital visit but he did take the opportunity to take the last letter with him and point out all the various errors and the operations he never had.  I think the time has come to seek a second opinion with regard to how we can progress from here.  The insurance company have been trying to get some sort of information from the consultant but with no success and have asked James to get him to write to them as they seem to be under the illusion that this is some sort of temporary misfortune. James chance of seeing the consultant are zero anyway.  Its a good job it wasn't me they asked as I would have readily agreed and then asked what my new job title was and what sort of remuneration package I could expect for doing their job.  I think they are desperately casting around for someone to say he is fully fit which would let them off the hook.  Given that they were so slow in coughing up that he lost his home I really have no sympathy for them.

Twice I headed off into the garden to put on another coat of varnish and both times it started raining so I gave that up as a bad job and will wait for more settled weather.  It is not easy to find the right time to do this as you are not supposed to paint in bright sunlight and at the moment we either have bright sunlight or rain.  The best time is early evening by which time I am usually knackered and very definitely not in the mood to varnish.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you and all my friends who rang me yesterday to check how things were going.  Various friends who are on holiday remembered to text me which is truly very kind.  It all goes to confirm my belief that the majority of people are really nice.  

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