Tuesday Morning

I just had to get a photo of this iris which is such a stunning colour.  The colour is so vivid that it makes the purple slate look just plain grey.

Mark had a grand day with his hedge trimmer and now all the box hedging and the bay trees look like topiary so I am delighted and the lilac bushes which had gone mad have been cut well back which makes the garden look bigger.

I had to dash out first thing and get to a cash point [ATM for our american cousins] and while I was at it I had to fill the car with diesel - thats such an expensive hobby these days.  Once Mark was settled I then had to drive James to the housing office to hand in his notice for the flat and also to pay a visit to the Royal British Legion who are keeping an eye on him with a view to some work once he is deemed fit.  Normally he would have taken himself but having taken a sleeping tablet and still not been able to sleep it was not sensible for him to drive.  

For lunch I had converted the leftover chicken into what was in effect a pie filling except there was no pie.  We still had plenty of vegetables to go with it so it made a very pleasant meal however supper was not so good.  I decided to roll a small salami in puff pastry and make sort of sausage rolls but please don't bother as it was by no means a success.  It looks fine until you try to put a knife in it and discover that the salami has not softened one bit and it is almost impossible to eat.  Fortunately I had a big tray of roasted red peppers and tomatoes to go with it which made it tolerable.  Not something I will try again....... some things just don't work.

Today Denny is coming and it will be a mad dash round to get the place tidy so she can get on and clean.  I still haven't finished clearing out the bedrooms but I am doing it piecemeal and taking one bag at a time to the clothes bank.  James had a great idea for the stuff in his flat apparently there is a home for battered women who are always on the look out for furniture and fittings to equip flats for their clients so maybe they will be happy to take some of the stuff and save us the bother of taking it to the tip. 

I had a word with the surgeons secretary yesterday and it looks as if all is ready to go ahead with Mikes surgery and a bed has been booked in the high dependency unit given his chest condition. Anyway fingers crossed all goes according to plan and we are not delayed by bed blocking.  When I started nursing there were places called convalescent homes where we sent the walking wounded until they were fit to go home and be self caring.  Sadly these places have all gone and now the patients just stay in hospital blocking up beds needed for others.  With the elderly population the need for such homes is even greater as many have no one at home to care for them when they are discharged and having the district nurse pop in daily is not the same.  Some friends of ours had carers coming in three times a day to help with an elderly mother but what was happening was that the early morning person had her last on her round and so she was got out of bed nearer lunch time than breakfast, then the afternoon person arrive about an hour later and two hours later she was put back to bed.  Not really very satisfactory and in the end they had to get private staff to come and sort her out.  The great thing about convalescent homes was that the patients helped each other and there was a certain camaraderie and company for these folks with just one trained nurse and a couple of helpers.  I suppose they were a bit like hotels with benefits and very few staff.

The weather forecast is not good for today but I think it will be a bed changing day none the less - I find it much easier to do this with Denny's help.  While I like sleeping with duvets I hate getting them into their covers on my own and usually end up hanging over the banisters so I can shake them straight.  I also need a trip to B&Q as I need some varnish for the garden furniture and also a new sage plant as mine for some inexplicable reason just died.

Well that is the plan for the day - Hope you have a good one.
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