Thursday Morning

Yesterday was a bit chaotic to say the least, first we thought we had a real problem with the pond which when we looked at it was half full of water so we thought we might have a leak.  However the fountain had got a bit bunged up and was squirting water out at an angle into the flower bed so we are hoping that that was the problem.  We switched off the pump and put the hose on to refill it having first switched off the pump.  I have just wandered up the garden and the water level seems steady so with any luck we don't have a leak and it is just a case of refilling to the correct water level and then I think I will have a look at a different head for the fountain or maybe just give this one a really good clean before I put the pump on again.

The men from the gas board were due to come today and sort out our gas pipes but they actually arrived yesterday and made a start but we will be without gas on Friday.  This is no hardship as all that we will be without is hot water so provided we all shower before they arrive we should have no problems.  We will be out at the hairdressers in the morning anyway and by 3pm we should be back up and running.

Today we are going over to James flat to await the arrival of the lady from Oxfam who will make the final decision about the dining table and chairs - fingers crossed that she takes it and saves us the job of getting rid of it.  The bed needs to be broken up and taken to the tip.  Fortunately the mattress has already gone so it is just the wooden slats etc which need to be dismantled.  Shiona is coming over so we will have an extra pair of hands and more to the point an extra pair of legs to run up and down the stairs.  We are hoping that today will be the last and with the exception of James having to go back late tonight and put out the rubbish that should be it and James can hand back the keys and we can relax.  

The remains of the leg of lamb made a really nice shepherds pie especially as I had gone to the trouble of making some stock from the bones and the mash had shed loads of butter in it.  Today we thought we would go to the pub for lunch and who knows what we will have for supper.  I think I would be well advised to take a trip to Aldi first thing and restock on some of the ingredients we are now short of.  They open at 8am so I can be there as they open and be home again before anyone notices.  In the mean time I can finish refilling the pond then hopefully we can sort out the pump and fountain and all should be back to normal.

There will be no Denny next week as she is helping her daughter move house so I guess I will have to get stuck in to a bit of housework as the place is a bit of mess.  For some bizarre reason hoovering is on my list of jobs I hate I think it is because it gives me backache so I tend to avoid it.

Anyway time to get going if I am to be in Aldi's car park by 8am.  Have a good day all and wish us luck with the last of the flat clearing.

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