Thursday Morning

Yesterday went well with all of us gradually feeling better.  The weather improved and the sun came out so I was out with the dogs bright and early around 6am and then on to the supermarket to stock up.  While I was out Shiona rang to say she was coming over but I missed the call so it came as a bit of a surprise.  Fortunately our light lunch of chicken and mushrooms with rice was easily enough to stretch for 4.  In fact James ate his in two sittings and then was hungry around 10pm so he made himself a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich but some how I don't think he was the only one who participated in the midnight feast.

Having been up since 3am I went to bed in the afternoon to try and get a bit of siesta but my nextdoor neighbour decided to do major reconstructive work to his rotten wooden conservatory which put pay to that so after our supper of beans on toast I crashed out at around 8pm.  Shiona had left shortly after lunch but didn't leave empty handed as we had picked loads of raspberries for her to take with her. We had to banish Tubby as he discovered that he could also pick raspberries and was having a major PYO session.  I had no problems with him helping himself to the fruit but I had visions of the disastrous effect they might have on his digestive system. The results of which we would have to deal with.

Today the sky is clear and the sun is shining so at last the miserable grey days have passed and hopefully we should have a bit of better weather.  I feel much more like a human being today and the supper I had planned for last night has been moved up to lunch today.  I saw Jamie Oliver make a sort of carbonara but with smoked mackerel and courgettes so I thought I would give it a go.  I love mackerel in all its forms so hopefully it will be fine.  

The garden is very dry as though we have had the odd shower the cold wind was very drying.  I gave the green house and the beans a good drink yesterday but the rest will have to take care of itself. Fortunately I no longer have a lawn which will go brown in the dry weather. My astro turf is always green and lush looking.  It cost a fortune but has saved me so much work as it is a small patch and mowing it and cutting the edges was lots of work for little reward.  Most of the rest of the plants are well established so they should be able to cope it is only the things in pots that need attention.

Well that about it for this morning finally I can get a load of washing on the line and then get on with the varnishing which has been on hold during the wet weather. Have a good day all and I will let give you an opinion on the mackerel dish tomorrow.  
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