Thursday morning

I just love the colour of the cotinus even when in flower it still looks good

As you will gather from the abrupt end yesterday we  retrieved Mike from the hospital and were home by 7.30am.  He was pleased to be home and reunited with his razor and toothbrush not to mention a cup of proper coffee.  Nothing like a couple of days of dish water to make you appreciate nice coffee again.  Shiona arrived promptly at about 10am just in time to have a nice coffee sitting in the sunshine.  By about 11 we decided to take the dogs for a quick run before it got too hot and as luck would have it the tide was in so there was lots of paddling and Tubby took his first few strokes but panicked when his feet were off the bottom.  It was nice to see Nip come into his own he may well be the oldest but he is an accomplished swimmer and showed the other jessies just how it is done.  We arrived home with a car full of wet dogs only to find the district nurse in the house attending to Mikes dressing.  We ushered the dogs through the house and out of her way but no sooner had we done that but she had vanished without a word.  Fortunately I have a rough idea of how I should proceed with Mikes convalescence and won't put him to soak in a bath or send him on a 5 mile hike.  However I feel sorry for anyone else as we were given no instructions whatsoever either by the hospital or by the district nurse.

I went for something nice and easy for lunch which was a pasta puttanesca I had also stuffed some tomatoes with some tuna.  That done James had an errand to run so he set up his DVD player so we could watch "The Grand Hotel Budapest".  This is a film I really enjoyed it is very British in its sense of humour and almost impossible to describe except to say it is a good story.  

When James returned he was dancing with joy our favourite neighbour had just driven his car, with a great flourish, into his parking place at the front of his house and in so doing had clobbered the whole side of the car against the front of the house.  I think this is what the buddhists call Karma!!!  Anyway we are still laughing......

The plan for today is just to take things gently and perhaps put a couple of coats of varnish on the chairs as the table is now done.  However my first job is to go and water the greenhouse which I should have done last night only I was so poleaxed I just slept for hours and hours.  I have no idea what we will have for lunch or dinner but no doubt something will spring to mind when I go through the fridge and the freezer. Whatever we have will be with loads of salad and new potatoes as those I have in abundance.  Have a good day all and enjoy the nice summery weather.......
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