Thursday morning

Sun and rain is just what the flowers need but I can't say it is what I need.  I got good and wet walking the dogs then trawled around the shops for the basics.  The laundry is getting done in the tumble dryer as it is too risky to hang it out.  I know it is just 3am and it is raining now so it looks like we may be in for another wet day.  I still have a couple of loads of laundry to go and it will be another tumble drying for them too.  It does have one advantage in that little needs ironing or if it does it is just a quick pass over with the iron.

Both my invalid men were in foul moods yesterday and I finally lost patience with them and spat out my dummy and took to my room leaving them to their own devices.  I had put some peppers in the oven - they left them to burn to charcoal so they went in the bin.  The pac choi which was steaming was left until cremated so that too went in the bin.  They were left with just some noodles with some prawns which they managed to eat.  I think exhaustion finally got the better of me and I spent most of the day sleeping.  Although it is very early I am feeling much better and bit more envigorated.  I now have several tins to try and clean and more laundry to do so I am going to get on with that while they are all asleep.  

I am hoping that abandoning them for a day may have made them appreciate just how much I do for them - if not I am prepared to abandon them again today and hopefully they will eventually get the message and realise that I too am a human being not just a slave.

Sorry about the rant but I need to get this off my chest!!!!!

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