Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a generally good day - the little baby smart has now been sold which is a weight off my mind so today I will have to phone and cancel the insurance and post off the bits to the DVLA.

I had had a busy morning rushing around doing various chores one of which was to collect Mikes prescription from the pharmacy.  As I drew into the carpark the skies were ominously black and as I started to walk to the shop the heavens opened and in about 5 minutes our entire annual rainfall fell. It overwhelmed the drains and was rushing in a river down the road. Then as quickly as it arrived so it left and we were bathed in warm sunshine.  I had manage to catch the brunt of it and was absolutely saturated.  Good job I am not made of sugar and it was only water.  

Having had breakfast, for once, we had a light lunch of some tinned herrings in mustard sauce with a big mixed salad.  I had been to the bakers and bought some really lovely buns which we had for supper as proper burgers with all the trimmings.  The burgers were actually venison and along with a big pile of fried onions and salad made a decent meal.

Today the sky looks black with evil looking clouds overhead but as yet we are dry.  I got a chicken out of the freezer for lunch today as I need something easy for lunch as I am having the Land Rover MOT done at 10.45 not exactly the best time if you are cooking Sunday lunch.  A chicken in the halogen oven is just about as easy as it gets.  If I get all the vegetables prepared then it is just a case of turning a few knobs.  While I am doing the veg I usually prepare a pot for the stock so that I can throw in all the bits and bobs as I go and finally the carcass once it has been carved.  

Tubby, who is a darling, tried to train me yesterday.  The dogs usually get their supper at about 4pm but I was running a bit late and so Tubby took to barking to make his needs known.  This is not tolerated behaviour, so I had to sit tight and wait until he gave up - then I fed them.  I really didn't want him thinking that barking would produce a meal.  Dogs are very smart and will train you to do what they want if you are not paying attention.

Tomorrow is Mikes big day and he is very nervous.  This evening I will gather his bits ready to take in and put him through the shower as we have to be at the hospital by 7.30am there will be no time in the morning.  As yet I have no idea how long they are going to keep him in hospital but one thing is for certain I will not bring him home unless I am able to cope with him.  Although he will be very sore he should be more able to move around and considering he has been largely bed bound for 9 months he is pretty weak on his legs.

Well thats about it for this morning time to get my act together and get the lunch all ready to go.  
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