Sunday morning

This is bit of strange picture but it shows a very nice job of raising the crown on a conifer.  The tree is in one of my neighbours gardens and when I saw the first branch come off it looked really terrible as it exposed all the dead brown centre of the tree but a bit of careful pruning has had beautiful results.

First let me thank Denzil, my eldest, for a lovely card from Thailand with orchids on the front.  It is nice that he not only remembered my birthday but went for an appropriate card.  Yesterday was a day of dashing around getting things done.  At last I got the last coat of varnish on the chairs and I managed to get all the laundry done and dry before the wet weather began.  There is something to be said for an early start.  I then had a visit from one of my neighbours whose daughter wants to go shooting and so I have organised to have about half an hour with her this morning to go over gun handling and etiquette before we go shooting on Wednesday.  I also contacted the guy who sorted out my pond some 5 years ago and he came and had a look and gave me an estimate for a complete overhaul and the installation of a new pumping and filtration system.  He is a very nice and sensible guy who understands that I am not looking for a crystal clear demonstration pond and so the huge filter system at £2,500 was out of the question.  In the end we settled for a reasonable system which should do the job and is going to come in at between £700 and £800 including all the work.  This will not occur until some time towards the end of next month.  He brings with him huge tanks which will hold 12,000 litres which means we will have less to put back once it is done.  The pond holds somewhere in the region of 20,000 litres so you can understand it is going to be a big job.

Tubby got a clean bill of health from the vet and has some anti-inflammatory medicine to take for about a week but the change is very dramatic he is s different dog.  Then again I guess puppies are like children the get sick very quickly but they also get better just as quickly.

For once I have nothing to do in the kitchen as we have been invited out for lunch, James will do his own thing and is perfectly capable of cooking himself a meal and will be spared the old farts lunch. Both the men are very deaf so the decibel level of the conversation borders on the painful for those who have normal hearing. He can also supervise the dogs so we can go with a clear conscience. 

My plan for the day is to do as little as is possible to get by. I am giving myself a day off no housework, no ironing, no gardening and no cooking.  The weather is cloudy but it doesn't look like rain so hopefully it will be a quiet day.  Today I am 66 but I feel about 166.
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