Sunday Morning

How late is this!!!!  I had a terrible night and finally at two in the morning I resorted to two sleeping tablets and low and behold it is now 10am.  I have been blotto for hours and now feel like  bear with a sore head.  Anyway I have managed to catch up on all the sleep I have been denied this week due to the major repairs to next doors conservatory.  Sadly I think the construction work will be going on for some time as all the woodwork is rotten and is being repaired piecemeal with large quantities of filler. Today I am destined to go to a barbecue which is being held by the Lees Court Estate and the Duchess of Sondes who owns the land and the big commercial shoot.  Sadly Basso is not of a suitable standard to be invited but my couple of days beating have allowed me an invitation and I suppose I did participate in the "dogging in", before the season started.  Anyway James has taken up the slack and walked the dogs already so there is little for me to do.  I have taken out of the freezer a pack of chicken pie filling which they men can have for their lunch while I get stuck into burgers and bangers. 

The game keepers wife is usually in charge of the food while the gamekeeper does the cooking and Lady Sondes picks up the tab.   They have a lovely purpose built barn for their celebrations with a fully fitted kitchen so it should be a nice do.  We are also have a glorious day for it the sun is shining and though there are clouds they are high and white and fluffy.  

This is photo of part of the lees court valley where the shoots take place and as you can see it is pretty hilly and so hard work for the beaters.

We are also going to be treated to a visit to a deanhole [sp] which not being a potholer fills me with some trepidation but apparently once down the ladder you are in a fully lit cave.  Anyway I will let you know if I bottle out or if I make it to the bottom.

Well as I am so late up it is time I got my act together and got showered and dressed.  Have  good day I intend to.........
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