Sunday morning

Summer was lovely but it seems we are now into autumn with heavily overcast skies with odd showers and pretty cold wind blowing.  Yesterday morning I brought down another couple of chairs ready to be varnished but first there was some preparation work to be done.  Green mould needed to be removed so a scrub with cilitbang sorted that out then the woodwork needed a good sanding down and a final rub down with white spirit.  Well I got all that done and just as I applied the first brush stroke of varnish it started to rain.  Varnishing was abandoned for the day!!!

James went to collect his sun glasses which are using the frames from his brothers glasses sent from Thailand but with polarised prescription lenses now in place he can drive in the bright sunshine - that is if we ever see it again!!!  He then had a session with his EMDR lady and I am noticing that he is coming home from these sessions much calmer and less shattered.  Fingers crossed he is gradually getting things put to bed in the correct part of his memory and he can at last stop reliving the moment.  
As Mike is back on the antibiotics he is also back on the porridge breakfast to prevent some of the side effects of the drugs.  He was feeling pretty rough flushing from hot to freezing as his temperature rose and fell.  Come lunch time he was not keen for food so he just had a bowl of soup as did James on the other hand I was ravenous so I had my soup and a pasty and tomato.  The men left theirs for supper which left me with nothing so I ended up with a bowl of pasta with butter and cheese.  The steaks which I had earmarked for supper went back in the fridge and they will be our lunch today.  I hate this messy cooking to accommodate fluctuating appetites.  Lets hope that everyone is happy with steak and salad for lunch today.  

Everyone had a late night as we had to sit up and watch the England v Italy match - I of course have somewhat divided loyalties but it means I am happy with whatever the outcome.  Actually I have very little interest in football but with eager men in the house I go with the flow.  

Today the weather looks just as miserable as yesterday so I am not going to risk the varnish and will wait for a bit better weather.  In the mean time I had better sort out the dogs breakfast as they are clamouring round my feet complaining at this late hour.

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