Sunday Morning

Yesterday was the usual Saturday chaos - James walked the dogs while I got on with making the scotch eggs which were not as successful as I would have liked as I had gone for soft centre yolks but it was not until the very last one that I found one with the yolk still soft.  I did the eggs for just two minutes then cooled and peeled but then it is difficult to judge how long to deep fry if the meat is to be cooked but still leave the egg with a runny yolk.  Flavour was good with the addition of the black pudding they were very appetising it was just my timing which was off.  Still I am glad the meat was cooked well through.  Between them and the remainder of the terrine and an assortment of salads both meals were covered and there is nothing left.

The young lady who was due to come and see the car after taking all the details of our address etc failed to turn up or to phone and cancel.  She was coming by public transport and I had volunteered to fetch her from the station rather than her go to the expense of a taxi.  When I rang her to find out if she would be coming am or pm she said she was finalising arrangements and would phone back in 5 minutes.  Instead she left me hanging which I find extremely ignorant behaviour, at least phone and cancel!!!!!!

The afternoon was a bit emotional for me as I started a major clear out of my stuff from the bedroom. Out went all the high heeled shoes that I had once loved and clothes that were much loved but I know I will never wear again.  Out went a whole load of embroidery stuff which I no longer have either the inclination or the eyesight to deal with.  One of James friends is into handicrafts so maybe a home can be found for them. Some of the stuff dates back to my mother so a bit of a double whammy, anyway the local clothes bank will be well filled.  There is still a long way to go before I have turfed out all the detritus but I am doing it in dribs and drabs.  James is going to have to go through a similar process with the stuff in his flat but hopefully we can accommodate the precious stuff for both of us. All the upheaval has meant that our stuff is scattered around the house and we are trying to make sensible use of things.  I have already swapped James microwave for mine as his is better quality I am not sure what to do with the old one whether to keep it as a standby or get rid of it all together.  As you will gather I am not good at throwing stuff away.

Today is the first of the month so pinch punch and all that but I will now have to start on my list of monthly jobs.  Most of the jobs I don't mind but cleaning out the pond pump is on the hated list.  I have gone for a simple roast chicken lunch so I will not be tied to the kitchen all day and we will all have plenty to eat both hot and cold.  I would have liked to go shooting this morning especially as the weather is good but my neck is still pretty stiff so perhaps not a good idea and I have plenty to keep me occupied.

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