Saturday morning

As you can see the orchids are doing well and I am very pleased that I have managed to make them flower a second time.

We knew that yesterday morning was going to be a bit of a muddle but then we had what could have been a real disaster Tubby was unable to stand or take any weight on his back legs and was just lying listlessly in the crate.  So just as they guys were coming to switch off the gas Mike was in the shower and James and I were loading Tubby into his car to take him to the vet.  Anyway to cut a long story short the vet gave Tubby an anti-inflammatory injection and ordered him 24 hours cage rest.  By early afternoon he was back up on his feet and looking much better.  He ate his supper normally and all his other body functions seem to be working well and by the evening he was bouncing around as usual. He is due to go back to the vet this morning to see how he is but if he has maintained his condition over night I hope we have nothing to worry about.  

Mike and I have both been shawn and look less like mountain men and a bit more human - short hair is so much easier to keep tidy.  I believe it is due to rain today but then again it would as I have a mountain of washing to do. Yesterdays food was a bit grab it and go though I did make a very quick carbonara for lunch.  I must admit I love pasta as in the time it takes to boil you can make some sort of sauce and throw a salad together and bingo you have a meal.  Today I have some mince and I thought I would make a chili con carne which we haven't had in ages and it can bubble away while I get on with the other chores.  The gas fitting is now done so we will not be disturbed again and the men will gradually work their way down the road so we will continue to have the disruption of parking for quite some time.

I am up quite early again as it is difficult to sleep if it is windy as my neighbours have put a piece of tarpaulin over their conservatory roof and it flaps around making a lot of noise.  How do people sleep on boats?- I suppose they must get used to it.

Well thats about it for this morning lets hope that Tubby is OK. At the moment he is sound asleep as is everyone else.  So I shall get the laundry underway and then make a start in the kitchen while it is quiet and the household is still snoring.  Have a good weekend and lets hope the weather doesn't spoil your plans.......

p.s. Tubby is up and seems to be completely fine - sigh of relief 
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